Mireia Lalaguna: An upgrade to Rolene Strauss?

Mireia Lalaguna v/s Rolene Strauss

Mireia Lalaguna
Miss World 2015 Mireia Lalaguna also won the Top Model event.

Recently we posted an article comparing the new Miss Universe Pia Wurtzbach with the former Miss Universe Paulina Vega.  Since then we have received couple of messages demanding our opinion about the new Miss World and whether she is better than former Miss World Rolene Strauss.  Now both the beauties (Rolene and Mireia) are blondes with blue eyes and have same height (1.77 m).  Both are related to medical field.  So who among the two is better?  Is Mireia Lalaguna better than Rolene Strauss?

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We believe first response of majority people would be a NO.  Rolene Strauss had a fabulous reign.  She was a big favorite for the Miss World title since the day she won Miss South Africa in 2014.  She did very well in pre-final activities.  Top 3 in sports, Top 5 in Beach Fashion, Top 20 in Top Model, Top 10 in ‘Beauty With Purpose’, Top 6 in interviews and overall second in final leader-board – this girl was clearly the best contestant of the year and perhaps her victory would have been an unanimous choice for the judges.  Even after her reign, she did a lot of good work which got covered by international media.  The best thing about Rolene Strauss is her affability and grounded presence.  She bid good bye with big shoes (in this case, heels) to fill in.

Mireia Lalaguna's predecessor Rolene Strauss visited India
Miss World 2014 Rolene Strauss won many hearts during her reign. The picture is from her visit to India.

On the other hand, Mireia Lalaguna also has her strengths.  She had won  Miss Atlántico Internacional 2014 title prior to Miss World. Since Spain has been doing well in Miss World in recent years, she was definitely considered among the strong girls in the pageant.  However, she was never THE FAVORITE until the last moment in the finals.  She caught our eye in a strong way at the Top Model contest.  It was definitely Europeans who shone the most at the event and our experts were pretty sure that one of them was to win the main title in this otherwise mediocre batch, ‘mediocre’ as per the usual Miss World standards.  Mireia has the physical beauty that Miss World demands. They always prefer beauties with “Goddess” faces and Mireia definitely fits that bill.  Add to this, she seems to be a humble, down-to-earth girl who seems a bit reserved but still can be good to work with.

To conclude, Mireia Lalaguna definitely is a good choice for the Miss World title.  However, she doesn’t really stand a chance when compared to Rolene Strauss, not because she is weak but because Rolene Strauss is exceptionally good.  Perhaps Mireia will impress us more as the time goes by during her reign, but we still don’t foresee a time when we find her superior to Rolene Strauss.  Rolene Strauss in our lists is one of the best Miss Worlds EVER! 🙂

Images: Miss World Facebook