Miss World 2015 Finals: The Things We Liked

Miss World 2015 Finals: The Things We Liked

Miss World 2015 finals
The finals concluded after coronation of the stunning Mireia Lalaguna from Spain

Miss World 2015 Finals were held on 19th December 2015 in Sanya, China and Miss Spain Mireia Lalaguna emerged out as the winner out of 114 contestants.  Majority of the pageant fans on the internet again were quite disappointed with the show, calling it boring and snooze fest.  There was no actual competition.  Top 20 was announced, then Top 10 was announced and then Top 5 was announced.  If the pageant continues this way, perhaps it may lose the huge reputation that it has acquired through years of existence.  Anyways, we have decided to try being optimistic in this post.  There are two things we particularly liked in Miss World 2015 finals.

The first thing we liked in Miss World 2015 finals has to be the “Dances of the World” portion.  Bahamian singer Julien Believe added more fun and life to the portion with his performance.  China PR started the contestants’ individual portions in a nice way.  From all the 7 individual performances, the ones which stood out to us were by Misses Samoa, Zambia and France.  Samoa was very unique and likable.  Zambia was the African flavor this year and as expected she totally rocked it.  The African performances are always very energetic and fun every year.  France was again unexpected and very likable.  Paraguay, Nepal and Slovakia were good too.  All in all, this whole portion was a fun watch in an otherwise boring affair.

Dances of the world in Miss World 2015 finals
Miss Samoa was in our opinion the “Best in DOTW” this year

The second thing we really liked in Miss World 2015 finals was the Top 3.  Julia Morley always gets it right when it comes to choosing winners.  After watching Mireia in Top Model, we had an inkling that she can win it all and it actually happened.  In terms of physical beauty, this girl is stunning and her eyes are to die for.  1st runner-up Russia was always a favorite for the title.  She looked amazing during the pageant from day 1 and did well in “Beauty With Purpose” also.  2nd runner-up Indonesia was a surprise but we anyway liked her by the end.  She won the “Beauty With Purpose” award.  Her video brought tears in eyes of many and she presented herself with a lot of grace during finals.  Overall, it was a good Top 3 from perhaps the weakest Miss World batch in years.

Thus we have tried here to find out the silver linings of the cloud.  🙂  Let’s hope Miss World 2016 finals is better than Miss World 2015 finals!

Images: Miss World Page