Miss Universe 2015 Swimsuit: Best and Worst

Miss Universe 2015 Swimsuit
Miss Universe 2015 Swimsuit: Top 15

Miss Universe 2015 Swimsuit round had 15 stunner competing to make it to the Top 10 slot of the competitions. The girls who competed in the swimsuit round in the finale were from Philippines, Colombia, USA, Australia, France,Thailand, Curaçao, Venezuela, Dominican Republic, Japan, South Africa, Indonesia, Mexico, Belgium and Brazil. Although, the Top 15 slot had few extremely surprising placements like Mexico, Japan, South Africa and Indonesia, rest other girls could manage to pull out a great performance. However, there was one girl who managed to impress our panel of experts the most and one performance that disappointed them the most. Let’s see who they are.

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Best in Miss Universe 2015 Swimsuit

Miss Universe 2015 Swimsuit

Colombia had one of the finest bodies that ever graced the stage of Miss Universe. Last time we saw such a fabulous body with extremely toned abs was in 2006 when we saw stage diva Zuleyka Rivera slaughtering her competition on the stage during the swimsuit round. Ariadna Gutierrez‘s 6 feet++ towering height and her sexy catwalk skills just ended the competition there itself. We are sure if the scores were televised, Colombia would have been n the Top notch. Apart from her, we also like the performance by Thailand, Philippines, Brazil and South Africa (Just performance though).

Worst in Miss Universe 2015 Swimsuit

Miss Universe 2015 Swimsuit

We were a bit confused as whom to pick between Japan and Mexico, but in the end we went with Mexico. The reason being simple, this girl had all time and support and the height to pull off a stunning performance, but she just lacked the X-factor on the stage. Moreover, her preliminary performance was also lack lustre, we wonder how she made it to Top 15 at first place. Could it be because of Trump vs Mexico controversy? Well, you never know. Other performances that needed the spark were from Indonesia and Belgium.

The most shocking moment in Miss Universe 2015 Swimsuit competition was when Japan made over the stunning Brazil. Brazil was like the next best after Colombia and yet suffered such a bad fate? It could be because of first entry, judges generally tend to become liberal in later entries compared to first entry.

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