Miss Universe 2015 Evening Gown: Best and Worst

Miss Universe 2015 Evening Gown

Miss Universe 2015 Evening Gown round had 10 stunner competing to make it to the Top 5 slot. The girls who competed in the evening gown round in the finale were from Philippines, Colombia, USA, Australia, France, Thailand, Curaçao, Venezuela, Dominican Republic and Japan. Although, most of the girls could manage to pull out a good performance, there was one performance that impressed our experts the most and one performance that disappointed a lot. These performances made it to out list of Best and Worst performances of Miss Universe 2015 Evening Gown round.

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Best in Miss Universe 2015 Evening Gown Round

Miss Universe 2015 Evening Gown

When Aniporn Chalermburanawong entered the stage in that heavenly White gown, our eyes popped out with an WOW expression. Her swaying walk gave such a motion effect to the gown. This ivory satin and silver crystal embellished gown was the ultimate of the night. Miss USA seemed to have copied her gown pattern with a cape but it was no match to what Aniporn wore. We also love the fact that she is 6 feet tall, which helped her excelling in the Evening gown round. She brought back Thailand into the finals after 7 years of non-placement. While most of the people seemed to hate her hairstyle, we loved how she kept it very clean and tied up. It was a big shock seeing her out of the game so early, to use, she could have replaced Australia or USA in Top 5 very easily. We also loved the surprise element in the evening gown of Miss Philippines, on the back side.

Worst in Miss Universe 2015 Evening Gown Round

Miss Universe 2015 Evening Gown

This golden faux leather was no less than a crime for Evening gown round. The design didn’t help Ariana at all. All it did was making Ariana Miyamoto look even shorter than what she really was. Ariana has unconventional beauty, for which she needs some high fashion and sexy. We feel she could have selected a better gown if Ines was still heading Miss Japan. The most annoying thing was that black and white cape which didn’t match the golden gown at all, we wonder how she cleared the prelim with this gown at first place. The only good thing was that she got Japan back into finals after 6 years of non placement.

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Picture Credits: Miss Universe