Should Miss Diva pageant be held earlier in the year?

Should Miss Diva be held earlier in the year?

Miss Universe 2015 Glamshots by Fadils
Miss India Urvashi Rautela (winner of Miss Diva 2015) could not place in Miss Universe in spite of being a big favourite.

Miss Diva 2015 winner Urvashi Rautela had ignited high hopes in the hearts of Indian pageant fans.  She looked great on many occasions during Miss Universe, and yet she was left out from the Top 15 of Miss Universe 2015.  Some say her styling was not good.  Some say she must have done badly in her personal interview.  Few say she had attitude issues.  Many people claim that she could have done well had she got more time.  She was chosen in October for Miss Universe pageant.  So what is the lesson learnt?  Should Miss Diva be held earlier in the year?

Now having a pageant early in the year doesn’t really guarantee a placement.  Miss India Aditi Arya was elected months before the finals and yet she did not place in Miss World 2015.  In fact, Mauritius elects their girls year before and yet they don’t find success.  If girls are elected very early, the mystery around them dies.  There is no freshness.  The fans get bored of the girls even before their international pageants start and the girls don’t have anything new to offer during the pageant.  Plus there are girls who have done well even if they were crowned at last moment.  This year Miss Brazil Martina Brandt was chosen just few days before Miss Universe begun and yet she placed.  Miss India Madhu Sapre was chosen just few days before Miss Universe 1992 and yet she cracked the Top 3.  If you really want to do well at something, you find out a way to do it anyway.  Thus, not holding Miss Diva earlier in 2015 cannot be considered as the “whole and sole” reason why Urvashi did not place.

pia wurtzbach
Pia Wurtzbach won her national pageant in March and totally transformed herself during the 8 months before Miss Universe.

However, the argument that selecting Miss Diva winner earlier can be advantageous also has it’s strengths.  Major pageant powerhouses like Venezuela, Philippines, Puerto Rico, Colombia choose their winners for Miss Universe long before the actual international pageant.  Miss Philippines Pia Wurtzbach was chubby when she won Binibining Pilipinas but with time she became lean and now she is Miss Universe.  In addition to becoming fitter, the long preparation time helps the girl to figure out the styling that suits her the most and groom herself for interview rounds and other aspects of international pageants.  In any case, there is no extra financial overhead to organization by having the pageant earlier.

Thus, it can be a good idea for Miss India Org to hold Miss Diva pageant earlier in the year, preferably in first quarter itself.  If they are serious about winning the third Miss Universe crown, this is something which they must do from 2016 itself!

Image Credits: Binibining Pilipinas Facebook, Miss Diva Facebook Page