Is Pia Wurtzbach an upgrade to Paulina Vega?

Pia Wurtzbach v/s Paulina Vega

Miss Philippines Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach wins Miss Universe 2015
Miss Universe 2014 -Paulina Vega from Colombia crowns her successor Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach as Miss Universe 2015

So finally the controversy around Miss Universe 2015 Fiasco seems to have settled.  It may be remembered in history as the most controversial pageant ever!  Due to the fiasco, everyone seems to be talking more about the first runner-up Ariadna Gutierrez while the actual winner Pia Wurtzbach is not getting the deserved attention.  Nevertheless this fuzz is short-lived and in coming months Pia will be the centre of attraction.  Obviously one of the first questions that ardent Miss Universe fans are having is, whether Pia Wurtzbach is an upgrade to Paulina Vega?  In other words, who is better – Pia or Paulina?

First argument from Paulina’s supporter can be that Paulina’s win was less controversial and she received more acceptance.  While this is true, we have to consider the fact that the latest Miss Universe batch was the best in recent years.  Also, main reason for bashing of Pia’s win is the mistake made by Steve Harvey.  Had he not made the mistake, Pia Wurtzbach would have received more acceptance.

Second argument from Paulina’s supporters can be that Paulina has a better body.  This is true.  She is taller and has a fabulous waist.  Her lean structure is admirable.  However, Pia Wurtzbach is lean and fit too.  She amazingly transformed herself in past few months and definitely has the kind of body you expect from a Miss Universe.

Facially, Pia Wurtzbach is actually stronger than Paulina Vega.  She is cuter and more girly.  While Paulina is also beautiful, Pia seems to have a better vibe, a superior aura about herself.

In terms of personality, Pia Wurtzbach exudes more warmth and humility compared to Paulina.  She conducts herself better.  She comes across as a nice, sweet girl and also handled her interviews in the finals very well.  On the other hand, Paulina at times came across awkward during many of her initial appearances after winning.  She wasn’t particularly strong in her interviews during her finals.  But yes, she showed amazing grace during the crowning scandal this year.

All in all, both the girls are strong and definitely good choices for Miss Universe title.  However, we lean slightly in the direction of Pia Wurtzbach.  She has an edge over Paulina, from our perspective.

Images: Miss Universe