Miss World 2015 Favourites: 2nd Hotpicks [Exclusive]

Miss World 2015 Favourites – 2nd Official Hot-Picks by TGPC

Miss World 2015 hot favorite contestants
Miss World 2013 Megan Young crowning her successor Rolene Strauss from South Africa as Miss World 2014

Miss World 2015 Favourites: The biggest pageant on this planet is about to begin in the tropical islands of Sanya in China.  The 65th edition of Miss World will be a competitive event the beauty factor of this year’s pageant is bit low compared to other years, but the girls are more talented & outspoken compared to previous years.  This year girls from around 120 countries and territories are competing to succeed Rolene Strauss as the next Miss World.  Our experts had a hard time narrowing down top 20 pre-arrival favorites for the contest.  After many years, Miss World pageant doesn’t have a clear front runner so this makes the pageant quite exciting.

TOP 16-20

Miss World 2015 hot favorite contestants
Puerto Rico, Northern Ireland, Vietnam, England, Jamaica

20: Jamaica- Sanneta Myrie –  This 24-years-old medical student from Kingston has an inspiring story.  She has a great body and exotic caribbean looks, which MWO appreciates; this girl will definitely ace Beach Fashion & Interview rounds.

19:England-Natasha Hemmings – Natasha is carrying one of the most important sashes in the pageant.  She can do wonders if lady luck favors her.

18:Vietnam-Trần Ngọc Lan Khuê – Vietnam is sending top notch girls to every single pageant this year.  This upcoming actress is no exception; she was one of the first delegates to be crowned, hence she had ample time to prepare.  Going by her latest pictures, she is in full form to give a though fight to all the contestants.

17: Northern Ireland-Leanne McDowell – Leanne’s doll-like features make her stand out immediately; this marketing student wants to make a mark for her self in the world of fashion.  We believe she will do well not just in fashion world but also at Miss World pageant.

16: Puerto Rico-Keysi Vargas – Keysi is your quintessential Latina beauty queen – her tall frame and Va Va Voom Body will help her get noticed.  This girl will turn up the heat during the pageant – keep a close eye on this girl.  She might go really far in the contest.

TOP 11-15

Miss World 2015 hot favorite contestants
Indonesia,Ukraine, Lebanon,Guyana,China

15:China PR-Yuan Lu – She is the last delegate to be crowned and she happens to be the host delegate.  Every one is aware that Chinese girls do exceptionally well on their home turf.  It will be interesting to see where Miss Lu ends up.

14: Guyana-Lisa Punch – Love her Voice.  This girl is winning the talent competition for sure; she has used her singing talent to raise funds for her charity (BWAP).  This will help her in scoring some major brownie points during the contest.  Lisa can land Guyana into Top 10 again.

13:Lebanon-Valerie Abou Chacra – Lebanon is filled with some of the most beautiful women on this planet and Valerie is testament to that.  We are excited to see her wardrobe, which will be filled with dresses from world-renowned Lebanese designers.

12:Ukraine-Khrystyna Stoloka – Ukraine is finally getting it’s due recognition in pageantry.  Khrystyna’s flawless beauty with her magnetic smile will do wonders for her at the pageant.  Will she go far or will she trail behind – that is something we will get to know as the pageant progresses!

11:Indonesia-Maria Harfanti – She has the best introduction video so far.  She can place a spoiler to all the Asian girls competing in this pageant and might probably end up winning Continental Queen crown.

TOP 6-10

Miss World 2015 hot favorite contestants

10:Colombia-Maria Alejandra Lopez – Colombia sends stunners every year to this pageant but most of the time they are ignored.  Girls like Maria fly under the radar before the contest, but as the contest progress they eventually turn out to be front runners.  Let’s see can Maria change her status from being a Dark Horse to a Front Runner.

09:India-Aditi Arya – India has produced some of the remarkable Miss World winners till date.  Aditi is definitely not another Aishwariya or Priyanka in the making, but she has the goods that can help her pull off a Yukta Mookhey style victory in Sanya.

08: United StatesVictoria Mendoza – We might be looking at the next BWAP winner, who has tirelessly worked hard in her home state Arizona.  She has been in competitive dancing for eight years and is a great speaker.  She will at least be in the Top 10 of the pageant.

07:Poland-Marta Pałucka – For us she is one of the prettiest girls in the contest.  The Miss World organization created a new franchise in Poland and they did a good job in finding a girl like Marta.

06:Mexico-Yamelin Ramirez – One of the most talked about girls of this pageant!  Her striking resemblance to Lupita Jones (Mexico’s first Miss Universe) is hard to ignore.  Mexico’s quest for it’s first Miss World crown can be answered this year.


Miss World 2015 hot favorite contestants
Brazil,South Africa,Philippines, Russia,France

05: France-Hinarere Taputu – There is something about Hinarere that makes you want to see her more!  Her face is so versatile that she can easily channelise herself from a Islander to a model on the runway in Paris.

04:Russia-Sofia Nikitchuk – She is one of our favorites!  She has a very surreal quality about her.  Sofia’s introduction video highlighted her bubbly and yet matured personality at the same time – something that the Miss World Organization might look in it’s next winner.

03:Philippines-Hillarie Parungao – She is a mix between two of the most beautiful Filipino beauty queens – Megan Young and Shamcey Supsup.  She has been working hard on her multimedia presentation and we are sure she has aced that contest.  Her drawback might be her height but she compensates it with her alluring persona and smile.

02- South Africa-Liesl Laurie – The defending champions and flag-bearer for probably one of the weakest African contingent at the Miss World history!  The stunning Liesl Laurie has the odds against her, but if she manages to enter the top 5/7, she will clinch at least a podium finish if not the crown.

01:Brazil-Catharina Choi Nunes – There is a debate going on whether Miss World Organization will crown a runner-up from the Miss Earth pageant.  In full honesty, the organization is not that naive to ignore a girl of her calibre – she is tall, well spoken, has a smoking hot body!  She is the perfect combination of east meets west.  Brazil since 2011 has placed at the pageant and has been in the top 10 since 2012. This is the right time for Brazil to seal the crown as Brazil host the Olympics next year.

Miss World 2015 Favourites

Miss World 2015 pre arrival favorites
Miss World 2015 pre arrival favorites

Photo Credit:Miss World Organization