Theodora Morais Moschouri is the new Miss World Greece 2015

Miss World Greece 2015: Theodora Morais Moschouri

Theodora Morais Moschouri is the new Miss World Greece 2015

Theodora Morais Moschouri is chosen as Miss World Greece 2015.  She is replacing the original winner Katerina Galiatsatou.  Katerina was dethroned because she will not be able to participate in Miss World 2015 due to family reasons.  After Katerina’s dethronement, Spyridoula Valasiadou (Vice Miss Hellas) was chosen as Miss World Greece 2015.  However, due to unknown reasons, Theodora Morais Moschouri has been chosen as the winner now.  Theodora Morais Moschouri will be the representative of Greece at Miss World 2015 in Sanya, China.  She will leave for China very season and will be competing with 120+ stunners with no preparation or grooming, unlike many girls who have been preparing for Miss World finals since months.

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Theodora Morais Moschouri is 21.  She is 180 cm tall.  She is fluent in English and Greek.  She was born in Brazil but later moved to Greece.  She is working in shipping.  She enjoys beach volleyball a lot.  She enjoys sports a lot.  She likes reading and music too.  Theodora’s attempt at Miss World 2015 will be to bring back glory to Greece at Miss World after about 18 years.  Irene Skliva won the title of Miss World 1996 in Bangalore, India in a controversial year of the pageant which was held in India amidst a lot of violence and opposition.

Placing in Miss World 2015 will be a challenge for Theodora Morais Moschouri because this year’s edition is one of the toughest in the recent years.  Brazil is sending a bomb-shell by the name Catherine Choi who is currently said to be the front-runner for Miss World 2015 title.  Miss World America 2015 Victoria Mendoza, Femina Miss India 2015 Aditi Arya, Miss South Africa 2015 Liesl Laurie, Miss World Australia 2015 Tess Alexander, Miss Ecuador Camila Maranon, Miss France Hinarere Taputu, Miss Mexico Yamelin Ramirez and Miss Thailand Thunchanok Moonnilta are some of the other front-runners at the moment.

Image Credits: TPN News, Angelopedia