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Why Aditi Arya might win Miss World 2015???

Why Aditi Arya might win Miss World 2015?

Why Aditi Arya might win Miss World 2015?

As you all know, pageant season is ON and all the fans are pretty excited and everyone is coming up with their own prediction lists, analysis of the girls, their strengths and weaknesses, analysis of the winning patterns and so on. However, When it comes to Miss World, it is always expected to be like a royal affair. During the good old days, there used to be real princesses, charming young ladies, soft and gentle like a flower, but bold and tough at the same time like warriors to protect their kingdom. We have all grown up reading Cinderella and princess stories. We all have fantasised being a part of those fairy tales. But dreams do come true.

Why Aditi Arya might win Miss World 2015?

We don’t have real royal kingdoms like the old fables, but we have nations, and we have princesses. Miss World stage is like watching many beautiful princesses parade in royal dresses and gowns, each showing her mettle to be the next Miss World. A lady, who truly epitomizes what femininity is, one who truly understands the value of the crown and responsibilities that come along with it. She’s the queen of all, a beauty that gives hope to people, one who is humble and at the same time strong enough to initiate a movement for change. She’s talented, she’s smart, she’s modern, she’s responsible, she’s eloquent and talks sense, she can influence people with her words, all in all, she’s the complete package, as the pageant fanatics say. She represents an ideal woman in the modern era. She may not be the most beautiful facially, but is definitely the most beautiful from within. We have known many Miss Worlds who have been very successful with their career. Many of them are involved in charity projects after many years of their win, many of them became political leaders, some chose entertainment industry, still many of them are attached with social firms, aiming to be able to bring about a positive change in people’s lives. This year, around 100+ beauties will compete for the title of Miss World 2015 to be crowned by the reigning queen Miss World 2014, Rolene Strauss of South Africa.

Why Aditi Arya might win Miss World 2015?

Aditi Arya will be India this year at the Miss World 2015 pageant. She is putting her heart and soul in the preparation for the pageant and TGPC is impressed with the kind of efforts she is doing. Her beauty with a purpose project is amazing and her sincere efforts to be able to bring about a positive change in the lives of Aanganvadi children are commendable. Like the 7 colors of a rainbow, Aditi Arya, the queen of our hearts has all the qualities that the colours symbolise:

Why Aditi Arya might win Miss World 2015?
Red: It stands for Energy, Determination, Love and Passion. Well, Aditi definitely has all the qualities that Red stands for. She’s passionate, the soul she’s putting into her efforts speaks up for itself. Her determination to win it all sparks the red color.

Why Aditi Arya might win Miss World 2015?

Orange: It stands for freshness and creativity. Aditi is full of youth and has a bubbly personality. Want to see her creative side? Go see her NCERT videos. Her BWAP is so unique that no Miss India has ever done this before. She has literally recorded videos narrating stories, teaching maths etc for students for easy understanding.
Yellow: It stands for joy, intellect and energy. It was her joyous personality and intellectual quality that won her the crown in the first place.
Green: Green is the color of life and harmony. Aditi Arya is very congenial and brings in a lot of harmony. She is a kind of girl who would try staying away from chaos and rather spread peace. The down to earth nature of Aditi earns her the green cover as well.

Why Aditi Arya might win Miss World 2015?

Blue: It stands for stability, confidence and intelligence. You can see her final answer at Miss India or for that matter any of her interview and and tell us how confident, calm and composed she is while answering things.There is this royalty in her mannerism that signifies blue band presence in her attitude.
Indigo: Devotion and wisdom. Remember our post where spotted that Miss India chose Brain with Beauty rather than traditional Beauty with Brain? It was proof enough that her wisdom led her to the ladder of success.
Violet: Spiritual fulfilment, dreams, imagination. We recently came across a post of hers where she said that she is the youngest Alumni of her college to be called as Chief Guest. This is what she said, “I was just one of you, sitting in the same hall in the middle rows, wondering when my time will come to be on stage and talk like a grown-up. I didn’t know then that I’ll get the opportunity so soon”. What could be biggest self content than this?

In fact, her name ‘Aditi‘ itself means something which is boundless. All these unique qualities of her summarises into a Mega Quality that results into Miss World winner. She’s an incredible lady representing an incredible INDIA. Be ready to witness this incredible journey of amazing Miss India. We wish her good luck for the same

Article Credits: Saloni Sharma

Picture Credits: Miss World India Facebook Page

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