Hillarie Parungao: Can she be the next Megan Young? [Detailed Analysis]

Hillarie Parungao has again raised the hopes of the pageant fans from Philippines for the Miss World title.  While Valerie was good last year, many pageant pandits claim that Hillarie Parungao has what it takes to be the next Miss World.  One of our admins thinks she looks like a good combination of Megan Young and Shamsey Supsup.  Hence we requested our experts to present a detailed review on Hillarie Parungao and her chances at Miss World 2015 pageant.

Hillarie Parungao: Detailed Analysis


  1. Facial Beauty – Hillarie has a beautiful face.  As mentioned before, she reminds us of Shamsey Supsup and Megan Young.  In fact, at times she photographs very well.  Her face has the international appeal.  You can imagine a face like hers as the new Miss World.
  2. Strong Presentation Skills – Hillarie presented herself well on the stage in Miss World Philippines.  With her gorgeous countenance, expect Hillarie to do well in Top Model contest.  We don’t see her in Top 5, but she can definitely make the Top 20.  It will fetch her good points.
  3. Good Body – Hillarie is slim and in shape.  Hers is body like that of Miriam Quimbo.  Again, she may not be Top 3 in Beach Beauty, but she may well be there in the Top 20 or Top 10.  It is rumored that this year Beach Beauty round will be there in the pageant.

Pain Points:

  1. Petite – Hillarie is just 5 feet and 6 inches tall.  Although not written anywhere, but height is a virtue that all pageants expect.
  2. Speaking skills – Hillarie is strictly decent when it comes to speaking skills.  Miss World is one pageant where the winner needs to be eloquent and generally there is no “let go” on this quality from the judges.  Hillarie needs to hone her speaking skills before the finals.
  3. Beauty with purpose – Compared to Hillarie, girls from many countries have been preparing for Beauty With Purpose from long time.  Although Hillarie still can come up with a good project like Valerie Weigmann did last year, but still as of now we stand a bit skeptical.  When it comes to Beauty With Purpose, Miss World Organization is very serious.

Overall Evaluation: Hillarie Parungao is definitely a strong delegate mainly for her physical beauty.  However, she is not in the league of Megan Young.  With proper preparation, she can make it to Top 10 – we feel she can do better than Valerie.  However, we don’t see her in the Top 5.  A lot depends on her Beauty With Purpose project.  If it goes well, she can surpass our predictions!

Image Credits: Hillarie Danielle Ang Parungao

Video Credits: BeautyFull on YouTube