Can Paulina Brodd win Miss Universe 2015? [Analysis]

Paulina Brodd win Miss Universe 2015

Paulina Brodd is a reigning Miss Universe Sweden who will be representing Sweden at Miss Universe 2015. The reason I picked Paulina for analysis today is that she is one of the best delegates from Sweden in recent years.Although Sweden doesn’t have such a great track record at Miss Universe in last few editions, we can safely assume that she won’t have any Sash Factor benefit. Hence, Paulina will have to work hard and play her cards well at Miss Universe to make her mark. Anyway, let’s have a sectional analysis on her and conclude about her probable placement at Miss Universe.

Sectional Analysis of Paulina Brodd for Miss Universe 2015

Paulina Brodd win Miss Universe 2015

#1-Beauty: Paulina Brodd possesses a queenly beauty that you generally see in princesses. Her look in national costume is a proof of that. However, I feel that this kind of beauty would have done much better at Miss World contest. having said that, I still believe that Paulina has that package which is sufficient to get noticed.

#2-Body: One thing I am sure on Paulina Brodd is that her body won’t ditch her. She has that killer frame that will definitely shine in swimsuit round. She can count on this factor. However, if she improves further, it will be an added advantage.

#3-Personality: Paulina has a combination of Bubbliness+Regal personality. Something that I feel will definitely help her impress people at any pageant. I am not extremely mesmerized by her personality but it’s above average which is sufficient to keep her in the game.

Paulina Brodd win Miss Universe 2015

#4-Styling: I am not very much sure on this factor as Sweden is not that strong when it comes to this department. However, I somehow feel that Paulina is being supported by good designers to plan her wardrobe. I would rather wait for her to arrive at venue to judge on this factor. As of now, I am bit neutral on this aspect.

#5-Politics: I doubt politics has ever favoured Sweden after Trump took over the pageant. But it is also to be noticed that now the Miss Universe organisation is no more owned by Donald Trump and we are not sure if IMG will have any bias towards Sweden as a country. As of no let’s assume it doesn’t have any such support and only merit can count for Paulina Brodd.

Conclusion: I am not much confident of Sweden entering the Top 10 court. As of now, I see Paulina doing a maximum of Top 15 at the moment. Rest depends on her preliminary and finale performances. But she does have that potential to go further.

Credits: Miss Universe Sweden Facebook Page