Exclusive Interview with Aaital Khosla, Miss Earth India 2015

Interview with Aaital Khosla

Interview with Aaital Khosla

The selection of Aaital Khosla as the representative of India at Miss Earth 2015 has brought in a lot of hope among Indian fans. The last placement received by India was in 2010, when Nicole Faria won contest, after which there is a dry spell for India in terms of getting placement. Aaital embodies the qualities that has the perfect combination of beauty with brain and her love for doing social works can’t be neglected. When many representatives start working for environment post their win at national pageant, Aaital had done it even much before that. She took out some time from her busy preparation schedule and shared her thoughts with us in her exclusive interview with TGPC.

Why did you choose Miss Earth instead of Other pageants?

Aaital: I chose participating in Miss Earth because of its environmental advocacy. This pageant is just not about beauties, it’s about beauties with a cause.

We have seen you doing lot of stuff related to environment since long? What inspires you to do so?

Aaital: The environment around me inspires me to do more for it. Because it has given us so much that I think its payback time now.

You have such a short span of time for preparation for Miss Earth, how are you managing to get your act done?

Aaital: Well I’ve been preparing for this pageant for a long time, my mentor Ritika Ramtri invested a lot of time in my preparation , so there is no such thing as short time span for me .

Interview with Aaital Khosla

India has not placed in Miss Earth since last 4 years, do you think you will break that curse of non placement?

Aaital: I strongly believe in the quote, “Aim for the moon, even if you miss, you’ll land among the starts.” So thats what my strategy is right now. I am aiming for the crown, placement is just not on my mind.

Have you followed Miss Earth contestants this year? If yes, who do you think will be a strongest competitor of yours?

Aaital: I’ve been following the contestants, and believe me, they’re all gorgeous! I can’t really say who is my strongest competitor because I haven’t seen them perform yet!

Which Miss Earth winner inspires you the most?

Aaital: Hands down, Nicole Faria. She is our country’s pride. I want to follow her footsteps henceforth she inspires me the most.

Interview with Aaital Khosla


Any sneak peek to you wardrobe? Evening Gown or National Costume?

Aaital: Well, that is a package full of surprise, wait till you see me there. <wink>

What is the first thing you would do after winning Miss Earth?

Aaital: I believe in gratitude, the first thing I’ll do after winning would be thank everyone who has been a part of my journey.

Any plans of joining Bollywood post pageants?

Aaital: Bollywood..sounds interesting! But let’s see which way the wind blows.

TGPC wishes her all the best for her stint at Miss Earth 2015. May she succeed..!!!

Special Thanks: Kapil Mishra, Aaital Khosla’s PR Manager

Pictures Credit: Aaital Khosla’s FB Page