Miss Earth India 2015 Hotpicks: Top 5 Choices

Miss Earth India 2015 Hotpicks

Miss Earth India 2015 Hotpicks

Miss Earth India 2015 kick started by revealing 12 contestants last week. Within less than 24 hours, we shall have our new Miss Earth India. Our team went through the girls’ profiles, their available pics on various social platforms and their past background. This helped us finalising out inputs for Miss Earth India 2015 Hotpicks. We also included views of few members of our TGPC FB Group to arrive at an accurate hotpick. We felt that there were 5 girls who were extremely popular on various accounts, hence we decided not to rate them on a ranking basis. Instead kept all the Top 5 girls as one of the possibilities for winning the crown of Miss Earth India 2015. We may also end up seeing a girl, who is not in our pick, as the final winner and that can actually happen as all the girls were almost of similar calibre, with slight edges on each other but our team has locked down their 5 girls as below.

#Aital Khosla

Miss Earth India 2015 Hotpicks
Aital Khosla

We have seen Aital Khosla at Miss Delhi 2015 contest. She couldn’t win there but she is one of the most followed girls here. She has also built a good ground work by doing Social Cause that Miss Earth generally supports in their girls. She also seems very determined and confident in her body language. In some angles, she also reminds us of Anukriti Gussain, Femina Miss Delhi 2013 winner.

#Monali Chaudhary

Miss Earth India 2015 Hotpicks
Monali Chaudhary

Monali is not a newbie to pageants. She was a contestant at I Am She 2012, Miss Tourism Queen of the Year 2012, Miss Delhi 2015 etc. What amazes us the most is that she has improved every time she showed up to the pageant.We feel this is the correct time she might just win the crown of Miss Earth India. This tall, leggy lass is all set to lighten up the stage on fire and win the crown.

#Rasshmi Rajput

Miss Earth India 2015 Hotpicks
Rasshmi Rajput

This girl is as unique as her name. We just loved her presence at Indian Princess 2014 and Miss Tourism International 2014 where she was one of the Top 10. Rasshmi is a well spoken girl with extremely photogenic facial features, which is a plus point at Miss Earth. Also, going through her social media profile, we learnt that she does involve into social activities on an informal level, which any pageant would appreciate let alone Miss Earth. If she plays her cards well tomorrow, she will be the winner.

#Rajnandini Borpuzari

Miss Earth India 2015 Hotpicks
Rajnandini Borpuzari

Rajnandini is the hottest and the most beautiful face of the pageant. We also love her name. Rajnandini seems to have garnered a lot of fan favouring her for the crown and we can see why. This stunning girl will definitely put India back on the map of Miss Earth after 4 continuous non placement at the pageant, if she wins tomorrow. Do you feel this too?

#Vaishnavi Patwardhan

Vaishnavi Patwardhan Miss Earth India 2015 Hotpicks
Vaishnavi Patwardhan

Vaishnavi Patwardhan is like your prettiest girl next door. She is a kind of beauty ‘The more you look at her, the more she grows on you’. She is fresh, she is young and she is charming. She is a law student so we expect her to be very well spoken and doing a good advocacy ;). It would be nice to see such a young girl representing India at Miss Earth.

Credits: Glamanand Super Model India.