Miss New Hampshire USA 2016: Jessica Strohm

Jessica Strohm wins Miss New Hampshire USA 2016Jessica Strohm finished second in Miss Rhode Islands USA 2013 and then “clapped” at Miss Massachusetts USA 014.  But finally she took Miss New Hampshire USA 2016 by “strohm” and has won the title this year.  In the same event, Valeria Podobniy won Miss New Hampshire Teen USA 2016.  She will be representing New Hampshire at Miss USA 2016 where the reigning Miss USA Olivia Jordan (unless she wins Miss Universe) will be crowning her successor.  In case Olivia Jordan wins Miss Universe on 20th December, 2015, Ylianna Guerra will be the new Miss USA and will crown her successor.  In Miss USA 2016, all the fifty states and the district of Columbia will compete for the coveted the crown.

Jessica Strohm
Valeria & Jessica

Jessica Strohm is 24-years-old and belongs to Manchester.  She is 5′ 6″.  She succeeds Samantha Sue Poirier as the winner of Miss New Hampshire title.  Jessica Strohm has the chance to be the first Miss USA from the state of New Hampshire.  In all, the state has placed for four times.  The first placement was achieved by Miss New Hampshire 1962 Sandralee Kay in Miss USA 1962.  She finished as a semi-finalist.  Miss New Hampshire 1980 Eva Dyer finished 9th in Miss USA 1980.  Miss New Hampshire 1984 Diane Gadoury won Miss Congeniality in Miss USA 1984.  Miss New Hampshire 2000 Bridget Jane Vezina was 1st Runner-up to Miss Tennessee USA 2000 Lynette Cole in Miss USA 2000.  The last placement of New Hampshire in Miss USA was in the year 2004 when Vanessa Bissanti made it to the Top 15.  This year Samantha Sue Poirier could not crack the Top 15.

Jessica Strohm has again ignited the discussions about state hopping amongst pageant fans.  In 2013, she was trying for Miss Rhode Islands.  I 2014, she was trying for Massachusetts and now she won Miss New Hampshire.  A lot of pageant fans are questioning the credibility of her win!  From our point of view, the fact that girls can do this in the USA is a good thing.  It just means more options for them to achieve their dreams.  At the end of the day, all are Americans – one nationality.  It shouldn’t matter to which state they belong!  Just an objective opinion from a foreigner.

Image Credits: Pageant Update, LinkedIn