Miss Grand International 2015 Hotpicks [Final]

Miss Grand International 2015 Hotpicks

Miss Grand International 2015 Hotpicks

After evaluating all the girls in Evening Gown and Swimsuit round at Miss Grand International 2015 Preliminary, our Pageant expert Daniel D’souza could arrive to 11 top slot girls who impressed him the most. Check out who are those 11 girls who made it to his Miss Grand International 2015 Hotpicks.

10th Runner-up: Sri Lanka, Ornella Mariam Gunesekere

Miss Grand International 2015 Hotpicks
Sri Lanka

Her performance in the evening gown was phenomenal. She reminded me of Miss Universe Spain 2013, Patricia Rodriguez, even her gown as well, isn’t it? But I feel that she lacked confidence in her swimsuit portion.

9th Runner-up: Brazil, Paula Gomes

Miss Grand International 2015 Hotpicks

She was really decent in both the round but she was lacking a bit of confidence in her which it shouldn’t be. If you aren’t confident enough, you can’t put your best foot forward. However, I feel her beauty alone is sufficient to get her into my Top list.

8th Runner-up: Costa Rica, Mariela Aparicio.

Miss Grand International 2015 Hotpicks
Costa Rica

Her performance was really energetic in evening gown round but I would say she caught my eyes more in her swimsuit performance. Even though she had failed with her hair flip, she managed it with her smile. So the flaw can be neglected, overall a really nice performance.

7th Runner-Up: Japan, Ayaka Tanaka.

Miss Grand International 2015 Hotpicks

That velvet dark green gown with a touch of gold embroidery work on the neckline goes really well and that back pose was icing on the cake on her performance. During swimsuit round she was very bubbly and walk was quite a decent. I loved her a lot and she kind off reminds me of Riyo Mori.

6th Runner-up: Spain, Andrea De Cozar Martin

Miss Grand International 2015 Hotpicks

I lover her courage where she wore an evening gown that contained so much of sheer works on top. She was really impressive in this round, however she was lacking her presentation skill in swimsuit round.  She had beauty and confidence, only if she can project herself well in finale, she could be one to beat in the finale.

5th Runner-up: Netherlands, Shauny Bult

Miss Grand International 2015 Hotpicks

She have already represented her country in Miss International 2014, so she has an international exposure already and going by her performance today, it seems that it was definitely an advantage to her. That black ball gown was dropped death gorgeous on her, usually black color don’t does very well on dark stage but this once was really good. Her performance was decent in swimsuit round.

4th Runner-up: Philippines, Parul Shah

Miss Grand International 2015 Hotpicks

That dark violet-blue gown doesn’t suit her body tone but being professional model, she knows how to carry very well, which I really liked. She again came with a bang in swimsuit portion. With her sultry presentation skills on stage, she pretty much nailed the Swimsuit portion as compared to Evening Gown portion.

3rd Runner-up: Ethopia, Bethelhem Belay

Miss Grand International 2015 Hotpicks

She is the only black beauty who made it to my list. I just loved her evening gown performance, that white gown with a little touch of gold sheer work on the neckline and that princess pearl necklace really took the gown to a new height. Her swimsuit performance was one of the most wonderful performances out there, the way she played with her hair in the starting was just amazing.

2nd Runner-up: Thailand, Ratti Kunsom 

Miss Grand International 2015 Hotpicks

This Thai beauty queen representing the host nation is really amazing. It’s never easy to represent a country in international pageant and when it is going to be held in the same country the pressure double. But this didn’t affect her performance, she was really enjoying herself on stage and you can literally hear crowd cheering ‘Thailand…Thailand’. She looked like a goddess in her golden evening gown. I won’t be surprised if this girl wins the finale on Sunday.

1st Runner-up: Dominican Republic, Anea Garcia

Miss Grand International 2015 Hotpicks
Dominican Republic

We have seen Anea in Miss USA 2015 where she was a huge favourite of the crowd but unfortunately she didn’t win. Well, the destiny was planning something different for her and that was to represent Dominican Republic in MGI. About her performance I would complement by saying that her evening gown portion reminds me of Zuleyka Rivera, Miss Universe 2006 from Puerto Rico. She totally nailed it and when it comes to swimsuit round, she is bang on with that beautiful body and curves.

Winner: India, Vartika Singh

Miss Grand International 2015 Hotpicks

The moment she arrived in Thailand, she became a huge front-runner along with few other girls. But today, she proved that she is there to be the first ASIAN to be crowned as MGI. Her performance in evening gown was really impressive, the way she took half turn and pose made the crown go crazy over her. She really delivered a best performance in swimsuit as well. Many Indians believe that after a long time some Indian delegate have given a such a great performance in both the round and I have couldn’t agree any more with this.

Post Written by: Daniel D’Souza

Pic Courtesy: Miss Grand International Website.