Julieta Fernandez is Miss Earth Argentina 2015 [Photos]

Julieta Fernandez, Miss Earth Argentina 2015

Julieta Fernandez has been chosen as Miss Earth Argentina 2015.  She is 22 and lives in San Miguel de Tucumán in Argentina.  She competed in Miss Earth Argentina as Miss Earth Tucuman.  She will be representing Argentina at Miss Earth 2015.  The finals of the pageant will take place on 5th December 2015 in Vienna, Austria.  Miss Earth 2014 Jamie Herrell will crown her successor who will be chosen from about 95 beauties from all around the world.

Julieta Fernandez will not have an easy ride at Miss Earth 2015.  There are many girls who are very competitive and have a good shot at Miss Earth 2015 title.  Recently Estefania Muñoz was chosen as Miss Earth Colombia 2015.  With her stunning looks, she is definitely one of the big favorites at the moment.  Miss Earth Philippines Angelia Ong is also a very strong delegate.  With a lean body and lots of charm, this girl can get a back-to-back for Philippines at Miss Earth this year.  Miss South Sudan Agot Deng Jogaak is one of the strong black delegates this year.  The big favourite for Miss Universe Thailand 2015 who finished as 1st runner-up, Chavika Watrsang will be Thailand’s bet at Miss Earth.  It just seems improbable to keep her out of Top 8!  United States is eyeing their first Miss Earth title this year with a very strong delegate by the name Brittany Ann Payne.

Julieta Fernandez, Miss Earth Argentina 2015

Julieta Fernandez is the 15th winner of Miss Earth Argentina pageant which was established in same year as Miss Earth.  The first winner of Miss Earth Argentina pageant, Daniela Stucan was 3rd Runner-up in Miss Earth 2001.  She got Miss Earth-Fire 2001 title.  Since then Argentina has competed at Miss Earth except in 2010 and 2014.  Daniela was Argentina’s one and only placement in Miss Earth till now.  Argentina has comparatively done a lot better at Miss Universe.  In fact Miss Argentina 1962 Norma Nolan won the Miss Universe title in her year. Argentina won Miss World twice, in 1960 with Norma Gladys Cappagli and in 1978 with Silvana Suárez.  Mirta Massa from Argentina was Miss International 1967.

Julieta Fernandez, Miss Earth Argentina 2015 Photos

Image credits: Juli Fernandez