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Ajaa Kiir Monchol is Miss World South Sudan 2015 [Photos]

AJAA KIIR MONCHOL, 22 years old is Miss World South Sudan 2015.

AJAA KIIR MONCHOL, 22 years old is Miss World South Sudan 2015.  The 2nd born in a family of 3 is a Graduate of Accounting and Finance from Kenya Methodist University.  She works for the Government of South Sudan as an Accountant in the Ministry of Environment.  Her interest is in aiding less fortunate girls to acess sanitary pads, which she feels is a major hindrance to their performances in many spheres especially at that sensitive age.  Ajaa emerged on top of 12 other finalists. She was crowned by Ajaa Gabriel Alaak, Miss World South Sudan 2009.  Ajaa Kiir Monchol will compete at Miss World 2015 in Sanya, China later this year.

Ajaa Kiir Monchol’s 1st Runner Up is Angelina Santino, 23 years and 3rd born in a family of five.  Angelina is a 2nd year Engineering Petroleum and Gas Student at MAL UNIVERSITY in Malaysia.  Her advocacy is on on giving voice to women.

Ajaa Kiir Monchol’s 2nd Runner Up is Apio Josephine Adelino, 20 years old and 2nd born in a family of five.  The 3rd year Journalism and Mass Communication Student at South Sudan Christian University broke into tears when she was called out of the top 5 finalists.  Her advocacy is against early marriage.

AJAA KIIR MONCHOL, 22 years old is Miss World South Sudan 2015.

Ajaa Kiir Monchol can feel proud because her name will be taken along with some really fabulous South Sudanese beauty queens like Atong Demach and Awiyen Kuanyin.  Many believe that Atong Demach deserved the Miss World 2012 crown more than Yu Wenxia.  She was winner of Top Model & Interviews.  She placed Top 20 in beach beauty.  She was superb in the final interview round and looked stellar in her yellow gown.  Even last year’s representative Awiyen Kuanyin did very well in Miss World 2014.  She was Top 5 finalist in Top Model round and finished 2nd in the interviews out of 120+ contestants.  Her final placement was Top 25.  South Sudan is definitely one of the strong pageant nations from Africa, even though they are sending representatives from past few years only!

Ajaa Kiir Monchol, Miss World South Sudan 2015 Photos

Credits – Tony Chirah

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