Miss Paraguay 2015 Results Are Announced [Photos]

Miss Paraguay 2015
Laura Garcete – Miss Universe Paraguay 2015

Laura Garcete is chosen as winner of Nuestra Belleza Paraguay 2015, i.e. Miss Paraguay 2015.  As Miss Universe Paraguay 2015, she will represent Paraguay at Miss Universe 2015 which, as per unconfirmed reports, may take place in December 2015.  She was 1st Runner-up in last year’s edition.  Laura is not new in pageantry, she previously represented Paraguay at the Miss Yacht International 2012 in China on November 17, 2012 and Miss United Continents 2013 in Ecuador on September 13, 2013.

Miss Paraguay 2015 Winners

Miss Paraguay 2015 Laura Garcete’s runner-up was Giovanna Estéfani Cordeiro Villalba, who won the title of Miss Mundo Paraguay.  She will be competing in Miss World 2015 as Miss World Paraguay 2015 in December at Sanya, China.  The third title of the pageant went to Mónica Mariani Pascualotto, who won the title of Miss Internacional Paraguay and will represent the country at Miss International 2015.  The fourth title of the pageant went to Myriam Carolina Arévalos Villalba, who was unplaced in Miss World 2014.  As Miss Tierra Paraguay, she will represent Paraguay at Miss Earth 2015.  She was 1st Runner-up at this year’s Miss United Continents 2015 pageant.  Miss Tourism International 2015 is Thaysa Zepper.

Miss Paraguay 2015 Laura Garcete will be facing the challenge of being the fifth beauty from the country to place in Miss Universe.  Paraguay is competing in Miss Universe since 1957.  The first placement was achieved by Miriam Riart Brugada in 1964.  Vivian Rosana Benitez Brizuela made it to the Top 10 in 1991.    Paraguay won 3rd runner-up position twice in Miss Universe with Yanina Alicia González Jorgge (2004) and Lourdes Verónica Arévalos Elías (2006).  Paraguay has never made it to the Top 5 in Miss World.  Their only placements in Miss World have been in 1985, 2010 and 2011 with Daisy Patricia Ferreira Caballero, Egni Analia Almirón Eckert and Nicole Elizabeth Huber Vera respectively.  Paraguay was 4th runner-up in Miss International 2012 with Nicole Elizabeth Huber Vera. Yanina Alicia González Jorgge repeated her 3rd runner-up placement of Miss Universe in Miss Earth 2004.

Image Credits: Facebook Profiles/pages of girls