India’s Next Top Model Episode 10 [Review]

Review of India’s Next Top Model Episode 10

India’s Next Top Model Episode 10 disappointed audiences like nothing else. The episode was promoted as Grand Finale but the ending was very abrupt and it left the fans unsatisfied. We we curious who out of Danielle Canute, Gloria Tep and Rushali Rai wins India’s Next Top Model Season 1 but seems we will have to wait one more week. This week, there was no task as such to be reviewed upon but there are few points that I have summarized in following list. In case, if haven’t watched the episode or don’t have patience to watch to know everything, you can go through these points.

India’s Next Top Model Episode 10 Summary

  • One good thing happened that all 3 girls were shifted to a 5 star hotel ‘Renaissance’ in a Duplex room. The luxury in the room was extremely a pleasant site.
  • India's Next Top Model Episode 10
    Gloria getting emotional after watching video from her parents.
  • All 3 girls got their phones back after Episode 1. Girls also got a small video of their parents wishing them best luck. This made girls emotional as they saw them after a long time.
  • The finalists were also shown a video from X-contestants like Anam Shaikh, Aditi Shetty, Malvika Singh, Shreerahde Khanduja etc. Anam and Aditi thought Rushali won’t win as she has height issue. Malvika thought that Gloria doesn’t have that model quality to win the show. The 3 girls concluded it by saying that they are above them sitting there in Top 3 for a reason.
  • The girls were gifted beautiful dresses from Amazon upon reaching in their Hotel room.
India's Next Top Model Episode 10
Lubna adams instructing girls on how to improve the walk
  • All 3 finalists were sent to Lubna Adams who was the ramp walk trainer for Lakme Fashion week for them. Lubna played the role of Aunt Agony where she criticised the girls heavily. Rushali was advised to lift her body while walking as she is short. Gloria was asked to stop bouncing while walking. Danielle was told that she needs more expression and life in her walk.
India's Next Top Model Episode 10
People taking photos with INTM Top 3
  • The three girl went to Lakme Fashion week where many people were able to recognise them and wanted to click selfies with them. Rushali made a point that this show has given her new identity.
India's Next Top Model Episode 10
Girls posing for Lakme Lipstick at LFW 2015
  • All the girls seemed too nervous before entering the ramp of Lakme. Gloria was even seen dancing as she thinks it helps her reducing the stress. She looked cute.. 🙂

The show ended right there, leaving me as well as the audience disappointed that the winner was not revealed. The actual finale shall be broadcast next week. However, in promo it was shown that Danielle lost the control on ramp due to broken shoe. It would be interesting to see what exactly happens there.

In our opinion, if we analyse all the episodes till date, the result should be like:

Winner: Danielle Canute

1st Runner-Up: Rushali Rai

2nd Runner-Up: Gloria Tep

However, we don’t mind seeing the results in reverse order as all 3 of them are equally stunning as equally deserving. It would be very sad to see the other 2 not winning, but in the end only one could be the winner. May the best win..!!! Who do you think will win?

Credits: MTV.