Miss United Continents 2015 Hotpicks [ Top 10 Review]

Miss United Continents 2015 Hotpicks

All eyes across the pageant circuit are set on Ecuador where Miss United Continents 2015 is going on. The pageant will have finale will take place on 12th September where more than 25 girls from across the globe shall be competing to win the 3rd edition of Miss United Continents. Our experts review all the contestants in their Swimsuit and Headshots and picked up their Top 10. Based on these picks and based on over all impression, including favouritism and political factors, our experts have decided Miss United Continents 2015 Hotpicks. Remember, these picks are not what we want to see but what we might see on finale. Let’s have a look at the Top 10 picks of Miss United Continents 2015.

Miss United Continents 2015 Hotpicks

#10- Ecuador: This year’s Ecuador has to be the weakest Ecuador of all 3 edition. To us, she simply don’t resonate at the frequency of winner of Miss United Continents. We had to include her in Miss United Continents 2015 Hotpicks because we know that she has a slight of an advantage because of competing in home turf.

#9-USA: USA has one of the sultriest bodies of the competition. She is huge and she is voluptuous. She is not the prettiest face of this competition but she carries a heavy sash of pageantry ‘USA’. She has good potential to shine if she styles herself well. Our team thinks that she can easily penetrate in Top 10.

#8-Venezuela: No pageant is completed if you don’t see Venezuela in finale..!! Although, I wish to see other girls to make cut because there are better girls but then she is Venezuela. I am sure her preparation would be nice enough to keep her on Top Slot and she has cute and charming face. So I don’t mind much to see her in Top 10 but that is it.

#7-Dominican Republic: Dominican Republic was one of the contestants of Miss Universe 2014. She was one of the hottest girls out there and was a favourite to make it to the finale. But something didn’t workout and she failed to place. She came here strong and she carries the charm that can easily gets noticed. People are embarrassed over her nose surgery but we think it’s fine. Nothing much to hype about. Also to remember that the current queen is also from Dominican Republic. So back to back win for Dominica Republic is bit difficult.

#6-Denmark: When was the last time you saw such a beautiful girl in Pageantry in Denmark? The last notable girl I remember from Denmark was Betina Faurbye who was one of the Top 20 at Miss Universe 2006. Denmark has that charm that can mesmerise judges easily and her 100 watt smile is another weapon. I wish she could go further than just Top 10.

Miss United Continents 2015 Hotpicks

#5-Brazil: Brazil seems to be one of the major favourites of public. She was one of my Top bets for the crown in the beginning but her swimsuit was not as flattering as few top girls I have kept. Hence she slipped onto my 5th place. However, I don’t wish to underestimate her capability and believe that she might just turn the table around and end up winning the crown.

#4-Paraguay: Paraguay is such a hot latina that every inch of hers screams ‘Stunner Alert’. I love how she outshines everyone in the group pictures. She is also a girl with one of the most perfect bodies in the competition. We could not ignore her out of our Top 5 Miss United Continents 2015 Hotpicks.

#3-Argentina: The eyes of Argentina has hypnotised me so well that I could not keep her out of Top 10. This girl has one of the most beautiful faces of the competition with perfect set of eyes that can never go unnoticed. If I were to crown one of the girls based on photos, I would do it to Argentina. I am curious to see how correctly I have predicted her.

#2-India: I have been impressed by the transformation this girl has shown over past few years where we have seen her in few pageants. India has come to the competition as a most prepared delegate. Her classy wardrobe, her communications, her styling everything is just a live proof of that. One important fact that India is the only country who placed in Top 3 both the year before. So we feel that India will also be there in Top 3 this year as well. She is extremely close to winning crown only that she needs to play her cards well.

#1-Philippines: The competition just ends here..!!! What a lovely face and what a hot body this girl has got <3 I must say this that she is one of the most beautiful Miss Philippines I have ever seen in recent years. Her smile just lightens up the atmosphere and her beauty is like a treat to eyes, we surely will not get bored looking at her for one year of her reign. She may just end up winning the crown or the worst that she could finish is Top 3. Let’s see how far we go right in our Miss United Continents 2015 Hotpicks.

Picture Courtesy: Miss United Continents 2015 Facebook Page