Nulle Josephsen is Miss Earth Greenland 2015 [Photos]

Nulle Josephsen, Miss Earth Greenland 2015

Nulle Josephsen from Nuuk, Greenland has been chosen as Miss Earth Greenland 2015.  She will be participating in Miss Earth 2015 at Marx Halle in Vienna, Austria in December 2015.  This is the first time Greenland will be represented as Miss Earth.  Greenland is a territory of Denmark.  Greenland is not being represented at any major international pageant since more than two decades.

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Nulle Josephsen will be representing Greenland after almost 28 years of the debut of the territory in international pageantry.  In 1987, Miss Greenland Susse Petersen competed at Miss Universe in Singapore city.  Miss Greenland 1988 Nuno Nette Baadh participated in Miss Universe 1988 in Taipei, Taiwan.  Miss Greenland 1989 Naja-Rie Sorensen participated in Miss Universe 1989 at Mexico.  Miss Greenland 1990 Sascha Nukaka Motzfeldt finished 19th in Miss Universe 1990 held in Bangkok, Thailand.  Miss Greenland 1991 Bibiane Holm participated in Miss World 1991 in Atlanta, USA.  Miss Greenland 1992 Laali Lyberth was the last winner of Miss Greenland.  Then the pageant was closed, may be due to economic reasons though it is not known clearly or confirmed.  In the 6 years of Miss Greenland participation in Miss Universe/Miss World, there was no placement for the country.

Nulle Josephsen has a herculean task in front of her.  Her weak sash may not be of much help in Miss Earth 2015, because a really competitive batch is battling this year.  The strongest contenders at the moment are Miss Ecuador Angela Bonilla, Miss Colombia Estefania Muñoz, Miss Malaysia Danielle Wong, Miss Philippines Angelia Ong, Miss United States Brittany Ann Payne and Miss Kenya Linda Gatere.  Along with Greenland, Angola, Palestina and New Caledonia will be making their debut in Miss Earth this year.  There is already a lot of excitement for the pageant in Austria.  This is the first time Miss Earth will take place in Europe!  Miss Earth 2014 Jamie Herrell of Philippines will be crowning her successor in a glittering ceremony on 5th December.  Let us hope Greenland gets it’s first placement in international pageantry this year.

Nulle Josephsen, Miss Earth Greenland 2015 Photos

Image Credits: Nulle Josephsen Facebook