India’s Next Top Model Episode 8 [Prop Photo Shoot Challenge]

Review of India’s Next Top Model Episode 8

India’s Next Top Model Episode 8 brought a different yet traditional challenge into the show. The girls were asked to portray one personality but were given props that was contradictory to their personality. They were supposed to use this prop during photo shoot. This episode we also saw India’s Hearth robe and Big Boss winner Gautam Gulati. He did a good job as a judge and girls were excited to see him. It was cute seeing Aditi asking him about being single or not and Rushali Rai getting a hug from him. This week, we saw only one challenge unlike past weeks where girls had 2 challenges to face. Contestants were also taken to Grazia’s office where they picked Danielle Canute as their winner for featuring in their magazine.Let me review the performance of all the girls and arrive at my personal ranking:

#1-Aditi Shetty

India's Next Top Model Episode 8
Aditi Shetty

This girl certainly didn’t deserve to get eliminated this week. I don’t really see a reason as to how she got eliminated over Danielle based on this performance. She was crazy, she was live and she was bubbly and that is what you expect from a rockstar. I also feel that she used her props to extreme levels, her smile at points reminded me of Marilyn Monroe. People have unnecessarily over-hyped her looks to be more of an actor and not a model. I certainly don’t agree with that fact. I feel she can do both the way. I think Lisa wanted to save Danielle and so she eliminated Aditi. I personally would like to see such beauties representing India at Miss World contest because Aditi has demure looking face and bubbliness and a clear heart and this is what all Miss World needs. I would be glad if I can see Aditi representing India at Miss World and Anam Shaikh at Miss Universe after proper trainings.

#2- Danielle Canute

India's Next Top Model Episode 8
Danielle Canute

Danielle disappointed me the most this week. I agree with what Daboo said, this was her worst picture till date. She had no energy and I was shocked how this girl was not able to deliver today? She has killed the photo shoots before then how come she failed today? Having said that, I loved the fact about Danielle that she was extremely grounded and believed that she deserved to be scolded as she performed low. I see Danielle as a Supermodel walking for world-class brands 5 years down the line. Her potential is infinite. I was happy that she was saved from elimination but was sad that her performance was not worthy of staying back.

#3-Gloria Tep

India's Next Top Model Episode 8
Gloria Tep

I just loved Gloria in her long high slit blue evening gown. She followed the directions of Lisa exactly the way she wanted. She used the prop of football extremely well. I also loved how she held the ball on top when Lisa asked her whether she wanted to be on Top. Gloria gave varied expression and her pulling back of gown to kick the football was so classy. Not every one can pull that off easily.

#4-Monica Gill

India's Next Top Model Episode 8
Monica Gill

And the diva has made a comback…!!! And I must say, what a comeback. I loved Monica here. She was playing Umrao Jaan with brief case. The way she posed, it looked like as she actually had the soul of Umrao Jaan into her. She was enjoying it to the best. It was funny how Daboo made the comment that she looks more cheerful as may be Malvika was out of the competition now.

#5- Rushali Rai

India's Next Top Model Episode 8
Rushali Rai

Rushali Rai was playing the character of a sportsman with an umbrella. She completely got into the character with that stretch. However, that umbrella looked meaningless. I feel Rushali could have done a slight better as she has done in previous photoshoots. She was average in this round.

Personal Ranking:

Gloria Tep, Monica Gill, Aditi Shetty, Rushali Rai, Danielle Canute.

I feel next week may be Monica Gill will have to leave the court as the other 3 girls would be too strong from whatever I saw in the promo of next week.

Credits: MTV