Farid Matar is chosen as Mister Lebanon 2015 [Photos]

Farid Matar, Mister Lebanon 2015

Farid Matar succeeded Rabih El Zein as Mister Lebanon by winning the title of Mister Lebanon 2015 in a grand ceremony held on 4th September 2015 at Casino Du Libah in Jounieh, north of the Lebanese capital of Beirut. The pageant is running from 20 years and is based at Beirut in Lebanon.  The pageant is organised by Lebanese ministry of tourism.  Farid Matar will represent the country at Mister International or Mister World.

Results Summary:
Winner: Farid Matar
1st Runner-up: Mario Sfeir
2nd Runner-up: Tarek Moaykel
3rd Runner-up: Samir Abi Antoun
4th Runner-up: Mounir Akkari

Mr. Personality: Mohamad Majzoub
Mr. Photogenic: Omar Allaf

Farid Matar has won a pageant with a rich legacy.  This year itself Kamel Raad, who finished 4th in last year’s Mister Lebanon pageant, won Mister United Continents title.  Last year’s Mister Lebanon winner Rabih El Zein was 1st Runner-up at Mister International 2014.  In 2012, Mister Lebanon Ali Hammoud won Mister International, but was later dethroned.  In 2010, Abdel Rehman Balaa was Top 5 Mister World.  In 2009, Marcelino Gebrayel was 2nd Runner-up at Mister International.  In 2008, Mohamed Chamseddine was 1st Runner-up at Mister International.  In 2007, Bassel Abou Hamdan was 4th Runner-up.  In 2006, Wissam Hanna won Mister International.  In 2003, Assad Tarabay was 1st Runner-up at Mister World.  Thus Mister Lebanon winners are always among the strong performers in Male International pageants.

Farid Matar may represent Lebanon at Mister World, though it is not confirmed.  In case he does, he will get stiff competition from Mister India Rohit Khandelwal, Mister England Chris Bramell and Mister Brazil Anderson Tomazini.  Generally Mister World is not held every year.  It is also possible that he goes for Mister International that will be held in Manila, Philippines this year.  The reigning Mister International is Neil Perez from Philippines.  Farid will be considered one of the front-runners at the pageant.  Lebanon is perhaps the second most successful country at Mister International  with 2 wins.  Brazil leads over Lebabon with one more placement in Top 10.

Farid Matar, Mr Lebanon Photo Gallery

Image Credits: Mr Lebanon Facebook