Relebohile Kobeli, Miss World Lesotho 2015 [Exclusive Interview]

Exclusive Interview with Relebohile Kobeli

Relebohile Kobeli, Miss World Lesotho 2015

Relebohile Kobeli will represent Lesotho in Miss World 2015 coming December in China. While she is preparing to grab the first ever crown of Miss World for Lesotho, we got a sneak peek into her routine and discussed how she is looking forward to the competition at Miss World 2015. She also shared with us about her Beauty with a Purpose project, which carries the highest marks from all the Fast track events, and whom does she find the most competitive right now for rest of the contestants. Have a look at an exclusive interview of Relebohile Kobeli by ‘The Great Pageant Community‘.

1) Relebohile, tell us something about yourself and your family.

• I am 19-year-old Relebohile Kobeli from the remarkably beautiful mountain kingdom of Lesotho. I reflect a varied personality counting ambition, and the qualities of generosity and thoughtfulness. I am also a well strong-minded and spirited individual, yet pleasantly composed. My motto which has been adopted from a song is “Always take a chance on me”; I support fighting for what you desire and believe in, regardless of the challenges that one might face, either from an external force or simply not believing in oneself. I come from an extended female dominated family my cousins (who I refer to as my brothers and sisters on a daily basis) and I were all raised by our mothers, a group of women who have accepted life’s challenges head on, always displaying massive strength, with the tenderness and love in their nature as women.

2) You will represent Lesotho in Miss World 2015. How are you preparing for the contest?

• My biggest priority has been working on my Beauty with a Purpose project and working on my image as Relebohile Kobeli to make sure that I reflect a positive light towards my country as well as be a worthy contender for the Miss World crown.

3) What do you think will be your strongest point at Miss World 2015?

• Aside from my strong character and bubbly personality, my Beauty With A Purpose project, I believe it has been well thought through and executed

Relebohile Kobeli, Miss World Lesotho 2015
4) Lesotho has never won Miss World contest before, do you think you can win it this year?

• Yes! With the guidance of Lesotho’s previous queens along with the commitment and hard work I’ve put in my reign as Miss Lesotho, possibilities for Miss World are endless.

5) Tell us something about your Beauty with a Purpose project.

• My project places emphasis on sustainable community outreach, ensuring progressive help for communities I am working with even after my reign.

6) Do you think winning Miss Lesotho title has uplifted you in any way?

• Being Miss Lesotho has been one of the hardest experiences in my life. Being given a title that is thought to be powerful yet carries no weight in the eyes of society. But I am proud to say that I fought a good fight and gathered myself a lot of recognition and support from my country, and I hope the ladies that come after me, fight for their own. It’s an emotional test that has no memo, the great part about it is that one can create their own answers.

7) Have you seen the contestants you will compete against in Miss World 2015? If yes, who do you think is the strongest?

• If I look closest to home I’d say Liesl Laurie

Relebohile Kobeli, Miss World Lesotho 2015

8) What is one unique thing about women from Lesotho that sets them apart from rest of the world?

• Basotho women always display an unbelievable amount of strength, even in their hardships and pains they still share a smile and stand firm on their values and the principles they believe in.

9) If you could change one event in the history of mankind, what would that be and why?

• The current drought that Lesotho is facing at the moment. I am a farm girl, and there is nothing as great as being able to eat fresh produce every single day, with the drought we are experiencing, the earth is parched and plants scorched by the sun. Poverty and hunger are creeping in.

10) Any message for our fans?

• In our quest to be a “somebody”, we often forget the things that have the most value in life. Allow yourself to be approachable and never consider yourself above the other, only those who are humane have the privilege of sharing their success with others.

TGPC Team wishes her all the best for her sting at Miss World 2015..!!!