Cherese James, Miss United Continents Guyana 2015 [Exclusive Interview]

Cherese James, Miss United Continents Guyana 2015

Cherese James, Miss United Continents Guyana 2015, talked to The Great Pageant Community from Ecuador, where she is right now competing for Miss United Continents 2015 title.  She is the first Guyanese beauty at Miss United Continents and is aspiring to be a doctor.  The interview is clear enough to prove that this girl is confident and bright.  We are very thankful to Cherese James for finding time for the interview during her super-busy schedule at the pageant!

Interview with Cherese James, Miss United Continents Guyana 2015

1) Please tell us about your childhood and family.

Cherese James: My childhood was very interesting. I didn’t grow up in the richest household or with a lavish lifestyle but I was very content and grateful for whatever I had. I was considered a “tom boy” as I enjoyed mainly outdoor activities especially climbing trees and playing cricket (sport in my country similar to baseball). I was the captain of a cricket team, even on to today many find it hard to believe I held such position. In terms of my family, I have an extended family; my parents are separated and both are remarried. I have the eldest of 4 siblings.

2) What are your interests and hobbies? How actively do you pursue them?

Cherese James: My main interest is definitely pageantry; it gives women like myself an avenue to build our self-confidence and teaches us basic life lessons. Lessons that will help us achieve our future goals and be the best person that we can be. My hobbies are dancing, reading, acting and meeting new and interesting people; learn about their cultures and background.

3) Where do you see yourself after 5 years? Any life-goals or specific dreams?

Cherese James: My goal is to complete my studies in the medical field. With the blessing of the almighty, I hope to achieve my degree as a medical doctor where I can utilize my skills to care for individuals with disabilities; something I enjoy doing.

4) How does it feel to be the first Guyanese representative to Miss United Continents?

Cherese James: Oh my, it’s an absolute honor to be the first Guyanese to represent Guyana at Miss United Continents; I still feel like it’s all a dream. It feels amazing to know that I was selected to make Guyana’s debut at this pageant; the number 1 pageant in South America and I will do whatever I can to make my fellow countryman super proud. I will proudly put my best foot forward and showcase the majestic land of many waters…GUYANA.

5) How have you prepared for the Miss United Continents pageant? What are your expectations from the pageant?

Cherese James: It was rather quite an interesting process; I did a lot of one on one training sessions with my director. I also did a few photoshoots, appearances and interviews to help me get familiar with the camera and my public socializing skills. One of the things I like to do is practicing a lot. I try to practice everything from curling my hair with hot rollers to doing my make- up and nails. I think it’s very important that I look my best at all times. I tried on all my new outfits along with shoes and accessories, so that I know exactly how to master it at competition and what should be worn with what. I even tried a few Spanish foods to know exactly how my stomach is going to react.

6) What message would you like to give to your fans?

Cherese James: My fans, they have been so supportive towards me on this journey. I am sincerely overwhelmed with gratitude for all the love and support everyone has showed me. Thank you so much for the adoration, I will continue to work hard and strive towards winning the crown of Miss United Continents 2015.

Best wishes to Cherese James for the pageant from TGPC!


Image Credits: Miss United Continents Guyana, Cherese James