Anea Garcia is Miss Grand Dominican Republic 2015 [Photos]

Anea Garcia

Anea Garcia has been officially declared as Miss Grand Dominican Republic 2015.  She will represent Dominican Republic at Miss Grand International 2015 at Bangkok, Thailand later this year.  20 years old Anea Garcia is 6 feet tall and is pursuing a double major in legal studies and philosophy.  She wants to be a criminal attorney in future.

Anea Garcia is not a new name to pageant followers.  She was 2nd runner-up at Miss USA 2015, won by Olivia Jordan.  USA and Dominican Republic allow dual citizenship.  Perhaps Anea Garcia is a dual citizen and hence got this opportunity.  Anea Garcia represented Rhode Island at Miss USA 2015.  Very recently she crowned Theresa Agonia as her success, Miss Rhode Island USA 2016.  Anea Garcia was a front-runner at Miss USA 2015.  She rocked the swimsuit competition due to her height and toned body.  She wore a unique gown from a Venezuelan designer in evening gown competition and rocked it too.  In spite of dismal performance in interview rounds, she placed above Miss Nevada and Miss Maryland, which indicates that she would have scored very high in first two rounds.  If she had given good answers, perhaps she could have won.

Anea Garcia has the shot at being the first Miss Grand International from Dominican Republic.  The highest placement of Dominican Republic in Miss Grand International was achieved by Miss Grand Dominican Republic 2013 Chantel Martinez in Miss Grand International 2013.  She was 1st Runner-up at the pageant.  Miss Grand Dominican Republic 2014 could not place at last year’s edition.

Anea Garcia is definitely one of the front-runners for Miss Grand International 2015 title as per our experts.  Her main competitors include Miss India Vartika Singh, Miss Philippines Parul Shah and Miss Netherlands Shauny Bult.  It is difficult to imagine Top 5 at Miss Grand International 2015 without Anea Garcia.  If she performs well in interview round, she can very well win the pageant and with ease!

Anea Garcia, Miss Grand Dominican Republic 2015 Gallery

Image Credits: Twitter, Miss Universe Site