Tess Alexander is Miss World Australia 2015 [Photos]


Tess Alexander of Brisbane, Queensland is the winner of Miss World Australia 2015 title.  She has been working as a model at Chadwick Models.  She is also a personal trainer.  Her height is 5 feet and 9 inches.  She lived in Italy for 2 years and worked as a model there.  She was crowned by Courtney Thorpe in the ceremony held at Perth on 30th August, 2015.  Tess will be representing Australia at Miss World 2015 in Sanya, China later this year.

Tess Alexander has big shoes to fill in because Miss World Australia 2014 Courtney Thorpe achieved a lot during her reign.  She was Miss World 2014 Top 5 finalist.  She was also a Top Model Top 5 Finalist.  She was also did well in the interview round.  With great styling and wonderful speech, Courtney impressed many during the finals.  Tess Alexander will have to live up to the high standards that have been set by Courtney.

Tess Alexander

Tess Alexander created a campaign named “All you KNIT is love”.  In this campaign, members of Brisbane community knit personalized squares.  These are sewn together to create quilts.  These quilts are donated to children in hospitals.  She started her campaign with a goal of 5000 $ for helping the children.  The positive point about her campaign is that it united people.  Tess Alexander says that being a personal trainer, she has to influence changes in the lifestyles of her clients, physical as well as mental.  When she achieves success in this on daily basis, she feels her people skills are used positively.  This is one reason she got attracted to Miss World foundation.

Tess Alexander has a shot to become the first Miss World Australia to become Miss World.  Penelope Plummer became the first Miss World from Australia in 1968.  However, the Miss World Australia pageant started only in 2002.  Prior to it, Miss Australia pageant sent representatives for Miss World.  The closest finish for Miss World Australia in Miss World is 2nd Runner-up.  This placement has happened twice.  First in 2006 when Sabina Houssami finished third and then in 2012, when Jessica Kahawaty finished third.  Next highest placement was achieved by the highly graceful Courtney Thorpe.

Tess Alexander, Miss World Australia 2015 Photos

Image Credits: Tess Alexander Facebook