Ari Emanuel bids for share of the Miss Universe Pageant

Ari Emanuel might be the new Co-owner of Miss Universe Pageant

Ari Emanuel bids for the shares of Miss Universe Pageant

After Donald Trump declared his running for the election for the post of President of America, a huge controversy hit his way when he made nasty comments about Mexicans, citing them as drug dealers, criminals, rapists etc. The controversy lasted for a good brief period of time and then there was a rumour that he may sell his stakes in Miss Universe pageant. Miss Universe is jointly owned by NBC and Donald Trump. Donald owns 49% of shares. As per rumours, many bidders approached Miss Universe Organisation for the stakes. However, the top most bidder of the share is Ari Emanuel. Ari is an American talent agent and Co-Owner of William Morris Endeavor (WME), an entertainment and media agency. He was a founding partner of the Endeavor Talent Agency and was instrumental in shaping its June 2009 merger with the William Morris Agency.

The opinion of pageant followers is quite varied on this topic. Many believe that it would be better if Donald Trump gives away his ownership in Miss Universe as the brand image has got too much of damage already and it would be sensible if some new leader takes it over. However, the other mass believes that Trump knows how to stay in news and this is what made Miss Universe a heavily followed pageant across many nations. He should continue as the co-owner of the pageant. But the point to ponder is that NBC doesn’t want to keep the tie with Donald any more.

Ari Emanuel bids for the shares of Miss Universe PageantAri Emanuel bids for the shares of Miss Universe Pageant

WME already had licensing relationship with the said pageant that expanded in 2011 to include the branded lifestyle merchandising program. Hence it makes sense for Ari Emanuel to buy the stakes in the pageant. And, according to an insider, “Emanuel and WME/IMG could modernize the pageant and make it into an even bigger franchise. It could easily live within IMG, which produces New York Fashion Week and has successful fashion and modeling divisions.” Reps for WME/IMG and Trump declined to comment Tuesday night. If Ari Emanuel manages to get the ownership in Miss Universe pageant, he shall also get rights in Miss USA and Miss Teen USA Pageant.

How do you take this news? Do you feel Ari could be a better leader than Donald?

Source: Page Six