What if Jamie Herrell was in Miss World or Miss Universe?

Jamie Herrell

Jamie Herrell of the Philippines has got her name embedded in the world history as the winner of Miss Earth 2014 pageant.  Of course, her victory met with a lot of criticism too, since she is a Filipino and the Miss Earth pageant is also owned by a Filipino company.  There were equally good or even better girls in the contest in the eyes of many.  However, the Filipino fans are happy.  Jamie has been very active during her Miss Earth reign and has already visited many countries.  Miss Earth as a pageant is getting a stronger footing with every passing year and Jamie Herrell has all the reasons of being proud to have won the title in of the most competitive years.  As pageant fans, we witnessed so many debates about her victory and hence we got the idea of, just for a while, putting her in shoes of the representatives of Philippines in Miss World & Miss Universe pageants!

If Jamie Herrell was a contestant in Miss World 2014

Jamie Herrell

We feel Jamie Herrell would have made it to the Top 10 of Miss World 2014, because:

  • Jamie Herrell is definitely better than Valerie Weigmann in all terms
  • We feel she could have scored quite high in the interview round.  Perhaps she would have made it to the Top 20 girls.  She speaks confidently and quite well.  She comes across as a smart person!
  • She looked good in Miss Earth finals and the same look would have done well for her in Miss World too.
  • Jamie Herrell could have made it to the Top 20 of Top Model also.
  • Jamie Herrell in general made a good impression by her conduct and this is appreciated at Miss World.
  • When it comes to Miss World, it’s really difficult to predict because there is the component of “Beauty With Purpose“.  You really cannot predict how a girl (Jamie Herrell in this case) would have fared in this aspect of the competition.  For now, let us assume that she would have done as good as Miss World Philippines Valerie Weigmann did.  This is because Miss World Philippines organization does put an effort in preparing the girls well for the contest, and Jamie herself is doing a good job as the Miss Earth winner, who is to promote “good attitude towards mother Earth”.

Her foray in the Top 5 could have been difficult, because the girls in the Top 5 were themselves quite strong!  It is difficult to see her replacing any of the Top 3 girls.  Courtney Thorpe (Miss World Australia) was very strong and Carina Tyrell (Miss England) was the home girl.  If Miss India Koyal Rana could not place in the Top 5, we don’t see Jamie Herrell achieving the feat either!

If Jamie Herrell was a contestant in Miss Universe 2014-2015

Jamie Herrell

We feel Jamie Herrell could have easily made it to the Top 5 of Miss Universe 2014-2015, because

  • Jamie Herrell can do very well in evening gown competition and she has demonstrated the same in Miss Earth 2014.  She looked great in her glittering red A-line gown with cuts at the waist which beautifully accentuated her curvy figure.
  • Jamie has a ‘not really great’ body as per “Miss Universe Top 5” standards.  A Miss Universe beauty is expected to have a sexier waist and greater toning, but then she has a strong sash to compensate for that!
  • Jamie Herrell can speak well and she could have shown that in final 2 rounds!
  • As mentioned before, “sash” matters!  Miss Universe organization has been “extra-nice” towards Philippines in the past few years.  Only that can explain how Ara Ariella Arida can place over beautlies like Amy Willerton (Miss Great Britain) or Olga Storozhenko (Miss Ukraine).

We doubt if Jamie Herrell would have managed to win the pageant over Paulina Vega, because Miss Colombia Paulina Vega had done exceptionally well in swimsuit & evening gown rounds.  Jamie’s body was definitely another reason why judges won’t have chosen her as the winner.

Thus, although we don’t see Jamie Herrell winning Miss World or Miss Universe of the year 2014, we do feel she would have done better than the Filipino beauties who participated in those pageants!

Credits to owners of the images & Miss Earth