Ananya Lana Soni, Miss World Australia 2015 Finalist [Interview]

Miss World Australia 2015 Finalist Ananya Lana Soni

On 30th August 2015, the spectacular Courtney Thorpe will be crowning her successor who will compete at the prestigiuos Miss World 2015 pageant in Sanya, China in December 2015. We got the opportunity to have a chat with Ananya Lana Soni, a Miss World Australia 2015 Finalist.  This beauty of Indian-origin impressed us with her eloquence and we can understand why she has reached so far in the contest.  She has a very strong “Beauty With Purpose” aspect about her personality and you will know that once you go through her interview!

Interview: Miss World Australia 2015 Finalist – Ananya Lana Soni 


Please tell us about your childhood and family.

Ananya Lana Soni: I was born in India and I was 3 years old when my family moved to Sydney, Australia. I have lived in various parts of the world and I am truly a global citizen, but Sydney is definitely home. My mother is a Librarian and my father is an Engineer so I’ve grown up with an interesting combination of artistic and scientific influences. When I was quite young my mother would take my brother and I to the library and the world of literature enveloped me. Quite early in life I realised the importance of reading and education, it opens your mind to other perspectives and allows you to foster relationships with people from all kinds of backgrounds. My favourite book is ‘To Kill a Mockingbird’, a must read! My extended family is also very diverse, there are a lot of doctors, artists, journalists, writers as well as army professionals.

What are your hobbies and interests?

Ananya Lana Soni: My hobbies include playing netball, tennis and reading a variety of books. I also enjoy expressing my artistic side through dance, drama and art. I have trained in many forms of dancing and love using my body to express various emotions and tell stories! I can also sing multi-lingually and enjoy writing in my spare time. I believe one should be all-rounded and experiment with different forms of expression – you never know you might have a hidden talent!

What different social work initiatives do you carry out?

Ananya Lana Soni: I have had a passion for philanthropic pursuits from a young age. When I was younger to the dismay of my mother, I would pick up stray animals and bring them home to feed and take care of them. I am grateful that my parents have instilled in me the responsibility to make this world a better place for all. Through my secondary education I loved science and learning about the human body and thankfully, at 17 I was offered a place to study Undergraduate Medicine MBBS. At 19 I created an NGO ‘ The Vitamin Project’ based on strategies to give to the global community. One of them being, delivering vitamins to those in need e.g. pregnant women and malnourished children. Ultimately with a holistic approach, I hope to use my medical knowledge and entrepreneurship to create global social awareness.

Miss World Australia 2015 Finalist Ananya Lana Soni

Please tell us about the book that you have written.

Ananya Lana Soni: My first book ’15 Poems to Change the World’ is a collection of fifteen poems interwoven with the eight United Nations Millennium Development Goals to be achieved by 2015. The poems and excerpts from my life display the dichotomy of the two worlds our globe is divided into. With the hope to emphasize that the human condition is universal and despite all our differences, we all endure the same. A portion of the proceeds from this book will go directly to the ‘Indigenous Literacy Foundation’ because I believe the biggest gift we can give a young mind is of literature and education. ‘Knowledge can open doors, fists cannot’ a quote by yours truly!

How are you preparaing for Miss World Australia pageant?

Ananya Lana Soni: In terms of Miss World Australia preparation – I of course am honing my skills for the talent portion and finding the right gowns to suit my body. However, ultimately I want to be myself and represent the idea that you don’t really need to fit a specific mould to achieve. Your differences are what make you unique and I endorse embracing your uniqueness! My name even means ‘like no other’!

Do you think you can win the Miss World title for Australia?

Ananya Lana Soni: A friend entered me into Miss World Australia because she felt I would be a great ambassador and role model. For me, first and foremost I want to represent my multicultural country on a global platform and emphasize the beauty of this country. Which is not only in its breathtaking landscapes but the people, we are accepting and loving of various cultures and customs! Secondly, I would love to continue my philanthropic work and use my altruism to forward the work of organisations instigating change. Organisations like Variety the Children’s Charity are making an indelible mark in the lives of many children worldwide, please support them in whichever way you can! And hopefully, by doing so it is not only my beauty people see, but my purpose too.

Image Credits: Ananya Lana Soni on Facebook