Miss America 2016 Preliminary Judges: A Highly Accomplished Group [Report]

Miss America 2016 Preliminary on 8-10, Finals on 13 Sept

Miss America 2016 Preliminary Judges were announced last month.  The panel consisted of 7 highly accomplished people will be narrowing down the pool of 52 contestants to the Top 15.  For this, they will be scoring the girls during the period of 8-10 September in five categories – swimsuit, evening gowns, talent, interview and on-stage questions.  The 15 selected beauties will then competed in the finals on 13th September 2015.  A separate panel of judges will be evaluating the Top 15 in finals.  Miss America 2015 Kira Kazantsev will be crowning her successor as Miss America 2016.

Miss America 2016 Preliminary Judges

  • Rachel Zalis is one of the premier fashion and lifestyle experts.  She is currently a style contributor for “Access Hollywood”, “KTLA Morning News”, Women’s Health Mazine and “E! News”.
  • Noah Alexander is a fashion expert.  He the highest awarded sales professional in the United States for the luxury men’s fashion house ‘Ermenegildo Zegna’.
  • Larry Griffith is a D.C. lobbyist.  He is the CEO of B.G.R. group.  He is known for helping companies in mergers and acquisitions.  He also helps in securing funding for universities and medical research.
  • Kylene Barker McNeil is the first Miss America from Virginia.  She has worked as corporate spokesperson, beauty and fashion reporter, author, entrepreneur and business owner.  In fact, she got success in business at just 23!
  • Jenni Pulos is Greek-American Emmy Nominated actress, comedian, writer, producer and Apollo-winning rapper.  She also released her first book last year.
  • James Brown III is actor, model, fashion editor and creative director.  He is known for his extensive career on Broadway.  He is starring in his first independent film ‘Love for Passion’ as Jeffrey Love.
  • Brian Edwards is Talent Producer, celebrity clients relationship representative and famous author.  His book ‘Enter Miss Thiang’ won him many accolades.

Miss America 2016 Preliminary Judges will surely have a tough time because the contestants of Miss America 2016 are pretty strong.

Image Credits: Miss America