India’s Next Top Model Episode 3 [Water Photo shoot & Lipstick Shoot]

Review India’s Next Top Model Episode 3

India's Next Top Model Episode 3 Water Photo shoot

India’s Next Top Model Episode 3 had a lot to unfold about girls. We could see the true colours of the girls, who is genuine and who is bitchy. Also, I loved how they had 2 different challenges in the show. It makes things more exciting and live. The show started with Water Shoot Challenge where girls were supposed to be posing under the swimming pool for photo shoot. In the second half, the girls were paired up in a group of 2 to imitate a mirror image of each other and try selling Lakme Lipstick. The second task was tough because they were wearing extremely sexy lingerie and I could see how uncomfortable few girls were. But, at the end, this is a modelling challenge and they have to over come that. We also saw that Vishaka Bharadwaj had to quit this show on the account of her Grandfather’s ill-health. Hope he recovers fast. I have split my review in 2 parts with my personal ranking.

India’s Next Top Model Water Photo Shoot Review

1.Aditi Shetty

India's Next Top Model Episode 3 Water Photo shoot
Aditi Shetty

Aditi Shetty looked bit nervous but she was focused. I give her full marks for her confidence. She is not only sweet looking but she has sweet personality too. This girl is growing on me day by day.

2-Anam Shaikh

India's Next Top Model Episode 3 Water Photo shoot
Anam Shaikh

Anam was too scared before going into the water. Somehow she managed to give the poses for the shoot. I could see her giving decent variety but the pic presented here was not her best in my opinion. She could have done much better. I have somehow neutral opinion about it.

3.Danielle Canute

India's Next Top Model Episode 3 Water Photo shoot
Danielle Canute

Danielle Canute again managed me to impress in photo shoot. She went in flawlessly, although she found a bit difficulty in between. But what I loved about Danielle was that she never bores me when it comes to giving poses. She brings in a lot of variety on the table. She is still going strong in the contest.

4.Gloria Tep

India's Next Top Model Episode 3 Water Photo shoot
Gloria Tep

I agree Neeraj Gaba’s decision that Gloria nailed this shot. She was completely in a different league when she was posing for this water photo shoot. Who can say that she is not an experienced model? She reminded me of a mermaid. A STRONG competitor.

5.Malvika Sitlani

India's Next Top Model Episode 3 Water Photo shoot
Malvika Sitlani

Malvika was good here. Not wow like her Dabboo’s Photoshoot but then not bad too. She was one of my strong favourites in the beginning, but bitchy attitude makes me doubt of her chances to go far in the competition. I wasn’t impressed with her behaviour in this episode.

6.Monica Singh

India's Next Top Model Episode 3 Water Photo shoot Monica Gill
Monica Singh

I was expecting a bit more from Monica but she couldn’t deliver that WOW thing here. Herr poses were way too simple, like she said more of hand postures. She wasn’t as natural as she was in previous photo shoot. However, I still believe that Monica knows how to bring her A game on when it is required. She will stay for quite few more weeks for sure.

7. Neev Marcel

India's Next Top Model Episode 3 Water Photo shoot
Neev Marcel

I feel pity for Neev. She had extremely good potential but she always struggled to deliver the shots. In water shoot as well, by the time she could adjust properly with ladder, her time got over. But her shot in this particular round was much better than few girls.

8. Rushali Rai

India's Next Top Model Episode 3 Water Photo shoot
Rushali Rai

Rushali is another of my favourites who hardly fails to impress me. She always looks like a pro in the contest. Rushali knows her business here and she delivers it when it requires the most. Rushali’s shot and poses were very impressive for me. If not Gloria, she would have won this challenge.

9. Sreeradhe Khanduja

India's Next Top Model Episode 3 Water Photo shoot
Sreeradhe Khanduja

I liked this girl’s confidence but I hate her extremely negative attitude. May be the show is focusing too much on her to garner the TRP but I would prefer to see the positive version of Sreeradhe that I saw in Miss Diva 2014 contest. In this particular photo shoot, I wasn’t much impressed. I don’t think she has more days to stay in the contest. She simply doesn’t fit the bill of Model. May be with proper grooming, she can come back to pageants but modelling is a big no.

My Ranking: I found Gloria’s shoot the best. My second best would be Rushali Rai and third would be Danielle Canute.

India’s Next Top Model Lipstick Photo Shoot Review

1-Monica Singh and Sreeradhe Khanduja

India's Next Top Model Episode 3  Lipstick Photo Shoot Challenge
Monica Singh and Sreeradhe Khanduja

I feel Monica just nailed this shot. She looked sensuous and she completely sold that lipstick as a model. On other hand, although Sreeradhe had belly issue, I feel she did a nice attempt replicating Monica. I can understand she would have found it difficult to match with Monica but she still did it. One thing I didn’t like about Judges is pin pointing Sreeradhe everytime on her tummy. The fact is going to remain simple that she can’t reduce her tummy in 10 days, so stop pointing that everytime. Either eliminate her or get over the fact. Overall, both of them a good job. Again I wish Sreeradhe can get out of her bitchy mode as soon as possible or else she can bid adieu to the show soon.

2- Aditi Shetty and Anam Shaikh

India's Next Top Model Episode 3  Lipstick Photo Shoot Challenge
Aditi Shetty and Anam Shaikh

Aditi again impressed me in this shot with her natural look and relaxed mood. Regarding Anam, she proves my favouritism for her correct in this shot. Anam looked hot sexy lady here. Both of them were natural yet quite opposite. Individually they both did great but as a pair they failed. They didn’t succeed to imitate each other and not much of focus was on the product. However, I am sure they have good road ahead.

3-Rushali Rai and Danielle Canute

India's Next Top Model Episode 3  Lipstick Photo Shoot Challenge
Rushali Rai and Danielle Canute

Rushali completely overshadowed Danielle here. She again worked it like a pro. For a moment, Rushali Rai reminded me of a Cleopatra. Danielle looked bit raw in this shoot. However, overall the shoot was OK. My opinion is quite neutral here as far as selling product is considered.

4. Malvika Sitlani and Neev Marcel

India's Next Top Model Episode 3  Lipstick Photo Shoot Challenge
Malvika Sitlani and Neev Marcel

In my opinion, the picture they selected for Neev was really no justified. Just imaging if the shot was taken from Malavika’s angle? She could have been out. Overall, the pair struggled a lot in delivering a good shot and selling product is of no question here.

5. Gloria Tep

India's Next Top Model Episode 3  Lipstick Photo Shoot Challenge
Gloria Tep

Gloria was a STAR here. I know many girls are not comfortable with Gloria being treated well by organisers but she has this thing in her that has shown them a potential winner in her. As I mentioned before, I really have my doubts on her that she is not already a supermodel. If I had to buy a lipstick on the basis of all shots, I would certainly buy it from Gloria. She worked like anything.

My Rankings would be as follows:

1st: Gloria Tep

2nd: Monica Singh 

3rd: Rushali Rai

4th: Anam Shaikh

5th: Aditi Shetty

Overall Conclusion: I wasn’t much convinced with the elimination of Neev Marcel but I also can’t deny the very fact that she was one of the lowest performers this time. I predicted her elimination last week itself in my review. Next time, I feel probably Shreeradhe will go or Malavika.

Pic Courtesy:MTV India

Water Photo Shoot by: Colston Julian Photography