India’s Next Top Model Episode 2 [Photo-shoot Review]

India’s Next Top Model Episode 2

India's Next Top Model Episode 2

INTM is soaring high and finally we got to see more of 13 contestants of India’s Next Top Model in episode 2 during the photo-shoot by ace photographer Dabboo Ratnani. Before I start reviewing all the girls’ performance in episode 2 task, I wish to give my insight on judges.

1) Lisa Hayden: I still wonder why this girl didn’t compete at Miss Universe contest? She is such a hot star that can create more appeal than all 13 girls put together šŸ˜‰ She looked stunning in that forcky frill dress during her visit at photo shoot.

2) Anusha Dandekar: She is doing a good job as a commentator and mentor. She criticises without offending the girlĀ thatĀ I love.

3) Dabboo Ratnani: He did an extremely good job. He was cool and calm. I am sure people must be loving working with him.

4) Neeraj Gaba: He is playing Raghu Ram version of INTM. Lot of drama and overacting at a time. I am sure half of the people watches show to see how he brings spice to the show.

Review of India’s Next Top Model Episode 2


#1-Aditi Shetty

India's Next Top Model Episode 2
Aditi Shetty

Aditi again had sweet and charming aura. I couldn’t see much from her to say WOW in the photo shoot. But yes, she did prove her point that she can go a little more beyond those typical ‘next door charming girls’. She seems to be taking this competition serious. Hence, she can go ahead in the competition.

#2-Anam Shaikh

India's Next Top Model Episode 2
Anam Shaikh

Oh my goddd…!!! Was that really the Anam shaikh I saw in Episode 1? She was completely a different person here. I love her totally because she turned the table on her side. She channelized herself so well that she became my instant pick for the top slots in the competition. A girl who looked above average in the beginning completely changed my perception. I expect her to do very well in the competition ahead.

#3-Bhakti Kumbawat

India's Next Top Model Episode 2
Bhakti Kumbawat

Bhakti took a wrong decision by choosing the wrong dress. She was very nervous and I feel Neeraj’s comments were making her more uncomfortable. She has this height issue but the dress she chose made her look even shorter. However, I don’t agree with Lisa that Bhakti’s photo shoot was worst.

#4-Danielle Canute

India's Next Top Model Episode 2
Danielle Canute

Danielle is a nuclear bomb of this competition. You don’t realise her power till the time she explodes with her full energy. I loved Danielle like anything. She was calm, composed and flawless. The way she handled the photo-shoot, I can’t believe she is the youngest. She is destined to go far far in the competition.

#5-Gloria Tep

India's Next Top Model Episode 2
Gloria Tep

Gloria is one my favourites in this contest. I don’t care whether she broke rule or not. What I loved about this girl was the variety she gave in the contest. She has this rawness which excites me a lot because I feel she is most easy to be trained and yet very fatal for the other competitors. I am sure she will be extremely careful about rules next time onwards.

#6-Malvika Sitlani

Malvika Sitlani
Malvika Sitlani

Malvika was another girl whom I liked a lot in photo-shoot. She chose a good pair of clothes, good hair and good poses. I also agree with Lisa about the fact that she is not the best face of the contest but she is desperate to win this contest. She has this fire and I love that in girl. It shows that she is here to win and not for a free vacation of some tips and classes from experts.


India's Next Top Model Episode 2

To me Mehjabeen was the weakest in this task and in the contest itself. I really don’t understand how she got short-listed at first place. Anyway, this was the maximum she could go in the contest and that’s it.

#8-Monica Singh

India's Next Top Model Episode 2
Monica Singh

I feel judges just over-criticised this girl. I am not convinced with their comments. Also, I feel they didn’t actually select her best picture because Monica was so spontaneous while giving poses and I did see a lot of good poses. She isĀ one of the most beautiful faces there. I feel she is still one of the strongest contenders in the contest.

#9-Neev Marcel

India's Next Top Model Episode 2
Neev Marcel

Neev disappointed me a lot in the task. I compared her catwalk in Episode 1 to Miss Universe level contestants and then I see this dull photo shoot? I was expecting a lot more from her. Bring on more fierceness girl, bring it on…!!! You have that in you..!!!

#10-Rushali Rai

India's Next Top Model Episode 2
Rushali Rai

My favourite of the competition Rushali Rai just killed the competition at photo shoot. She is the one to beat out there in INTM. Her start itself is so strong that other girls will have to work so hard to beat her down. She was also a Top 10 at Femina Miss India 2015Ā and 2nd Runner up at Miss Delhi 2015. This shows how polished she is. I am sure she would be a force to reckon in the contest. She was bit nervous in the beginning but later on a bit of motivational words from judges helped boosting her morale and that made her give her best.


India's Next Top Model Episode 2

I still feel she was one of the hottest looking girls in the competition but poor girl could not showcase that in the photo shoot. Th problem with her was she is not at all groomed on these lines and she doesn’t seem to have done any research before coming to the competition.

#12-Sreeradhe Khanduja

India's Next Top Model Episode 2
Sreeradhe Khanduja

I can’t believe she is the same Sreeradhe I loved in Miss Diva 2014. She was a major disappointment in the photoshoot. She seems to be taking it bit light or she is clueless. I want her to stay longer but the way I see judges’ opinion on her, she may soon be eliminated. She will have t make a major comeback next time to be safe from eliminations.

#13-Vishakha Bharadwaj

India's Next Top Model Episode 2
Vishakha Bharadwaj

Vishakha Bharadwaj is another girl who was my one of my favourites in Episode 1 but turned out to be a complete disaster in photo shoot. I was expecting her to kill the competition because she had tallest height to favour her, sexy body and live personality. But her photo shoot came bit dead. My gut feelings say that she would be the next girl to go from the competition. However, I hope she stays for a while. I wish to see more from her.

Conclusion: I wrote in my review of Episode 1Ā that I feel Mehjabeen, Shivani and Bhakti would be out and they actually got eliminated in the round 1. I also have a feeling that next time either Vishakha would be out or Sreeradhe. Neev too is bit on elimination side but I am expecting her to be bringing her game on in next task.

All those who missed the episode, check out here:

Pic Courtesy: MTV, TREsmme

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