India’s Next Top Model Bikini Pics Review

Review of India’s Next Top Model Bikini Pics


India's Next Top Model Bikini

India’s Next Top Model kicked off with the selection of extremely raw 13 Contestants, out of which few had really good potential. In Episode 1 we could see girls’ introduction and their Bikini bodies and Episode 2 showed off their skills as a model in Photoshoot by Dabboo Ratnani.One thing we missed out in this while was to review the chances of the girls on winning the title of INTM based on their current body frame. Let them say that this is not a bikini contest, but we all know that there shall be few more rounds where girls shall be subjected to face off bikini or similar rounds. Also, in few more rounds as well their body frame shall matter. There wasn’t much scope to write a lot on girls because most of them were disaster in Bikini round. Hence, I have picked my Best 5 on the basis of what I saw.

Top 5 India’s Next Top Model Bikini Bodies 

#5-Malvika Sitlani

India's Next Top Model Bikini
Malvika Sitlani

Malvika had rock solid confidence in her bikini. She walked well and spoke well, which shows she is quite comfortable in swimsuits. Her body was little flabby in mid-core but otherwise she was a bang on. A good competitor for sure.

#4-Neev Marcel

India's Next Top Model Bikini
Neev Marcel

What a ‘Hot Phataka’ on the stage. Neev is not your facially the best girl, but take my words, if there is a round where the girls are supposed to walk in swimsuits, Neev will slaughter all the other girls in no time. Again I would repeat, her walk is those of Miss Universe level girls because the way she snapped and turned is not an easy task, especially a girl who is not trained much. Neev had well toned body which if projected well can look fabulous.

#3-Monica Singh

India's Next Top Model Bikini
Monica Singh

I love the face of Monica and her white dotted blue bikini added so much life on the stage. Monica was bit conscious about her mid-core, which obviously needs toning, hence she kept hiding it with her hands pretending that she is trying to look bubbly. But she has long legs and slender frame which can work well in motion. The only advice I would give to this girl is not to be too conscious. Just be spontaneous when you are in Bikini.

#2-Rushali Rai

India's Next Top Model Bikini
Rushali Rai

Rushali had this voluptuous body that can command attention in the crowd. She is also another beautiful face of the pageant with good combination of brains. Rushali, to me, is already a winner at this moment. She is an overall package, if I consider this whole competition. However, I won’t underestimate the fact that other girls are not lagging far behind. I also loved her confidence she showed during her bikini appearance. She can do extremely well in the journey ahead.

#1-Anam Shaikh

India's Next Top Model Bikini
Anam Shaikh

Anam had the most curvaceous body of the contest. She was little (read very little) heavy but that didn’t affect her from being number 1 on my list. I simply loved her because she belongs to a conservative family yet she managed to showcase such an awesome attitude in her Bikini round. I also loved when she replied ‘I hope she finds me hot’ when Lisa asked, “How do you think your mom would react to your swimsuit?”. This girl is destined to go far.

Other girls I liked were Gloria Tep, Vishakha Bharadwaj, Aditi Shetty. And girls who disappointed me are Mehajabeen, Sreeradhe.

Pic Courtesy: MTV.