India’s Next Top Model Episode 1 [Detailed Review]

India’s Next Top Model Episode 1

India's Next Top Model Episode 1

India’s Next Top Model finally kicked off with the selection of 13 contestants across India. What amazes me the most is that most of them are extremely raw to be even called as Model let alone Top Model. But the fun lies there only, I would like to see how this journey changes these girls from here to 10 weeks later. I am sure the judges shall do great job and we shall have a lot of drama to unfold in coming episodes. Today I went through India’s Next Top Model Episode 1 and I was extremely excited that I can see a pageant kind contest in a reality version, although the requirements of pageant and modelling are pole apart. But basics are same at the end of the day: ‘Just Stand Out from Rest’.

Based on first episode, I have picked my bets for the title and also what I think of each girl’s potential. Before I begin my review, I would like to make one point, Lisa Hayden is so stunning that I wonder if she can represent India at some pageant now ? <3. This girl could have kicked Latin asses on the stage of Miss Universe. Wish she had competed for the pageants in her younger days. Anyway, here is a quick review of all the 13 girls.

Review: India’s Next Top Model Episode 1

#1-Aditi Shetty

India's Next Top Model Episode 1
Aditi Shetty

Aditi Shetty has one of the cuttest faces and bubbliest personalities of India’s Next Top Model. Judges thought her face was more suited to daily soaps or movies and I somehow agree. Aditi needs to take out her fierce side more to go ahead. I loved how she accepted judges challenge to pose sexy and I personally feel that she nailed it. A bit raw but can go far if trained properly. She should be in Top 10.

#2-Anam Shaikh

India's Next Top Model Episode 1
Anam Shaikh

Anam Shaikh was one of the hottest bodies on the show. Her voluptuous figure were stand out. I loved how she said ‘I hope she too finds me hot’ when one of the judges asked how she thinks her mom would react to her swimsuit. This girl has face and potential and a good body obviously. I can see her in Top 10.

#3-Bhakti Kubavat


India's Next Top Model Episode 1
Bhakti Kubavat

Bhakti Kubavat is not new name to us. We have sen her trying at Miss India and Miss Diva at times before. What I love about this girl is her beautiful face and that fight for her comfort zone. Her reply to Gaba’s question that she might get eliminated for not wearing a bikini was awesome. She said that she won’t regret getting eliminated and watch the rest show from home on TV. Way to go girl..!! Her height could be an issue when we think of Top Model. She could be in Top 10 or couldn’t be. Depends on how she perform in task 1 next week.

#4-Danielle Canute

India's Next Top Model Episode 1
Danielle Canute

I felt little sympathy with Danielle when she said that she underestimated herself. I feel she can actually do extremely well going ahead. She is extremely raw but then she is like a white paper where the mentors can write anything and she will adopt to it. She would be a good learner IMO. She should be in Top 10.

#5-Gloria Tep

India's Next Top Model Episode 1
Gloria Tep

Gloria has to be one of my most favourites from this show. I loved how she was so cute and simple. She kept on smiling and that made her look radiant. Judges loved her to the point that Dabu Ratnani said that with proper grooming she would be a winner material and I completely agree with her. I would love to see this girl go in Top. She is definitely in Top 10.

#6-Malvika Sitlani

India's Next Top Model Episode 1
Malvika Sitlani

Malvika is another hot favourites of mine in the contest. She is well spoken, attitude of a model and a decent body. However, as Neeraj Gaba pointed out that she may go into the area where she would think ‘I know all’ and I too see that coming. If she can control that, she could be one of the Top 5 at least. I see potential in her, hence she is in for me.


India's Next Top Model Episode 1

To me Mehajabeen was the weakest contestant of the contest. I was wondering how she even got short-listed at first place? Because she is too simple to be called a model. She is sweet and lovely but thats’ it. She may not go ahead in this journey in my honest opinion. She could be out next week.

# 8-Monica Singh

India's Next Top Model Episode 1
Monica Singh

Another hot favourite of mine, Monica has one of the best faces here. Her personality seems to be good and she seems to be prepared to win. She is already a pro in pageants like Miss India England, Miss India USA and Miss India Worldwide, What else she requires? Her body needs a bit of toning and then I can see her making waves in the contest. She is definitely in.

#9-Neev Marcel

India's Next Top Model Episode 1
Neev Marcel

There are girls whom you underestimate till end and then the moment they are about they are to leave, they make you say ‘WOW’. I wasn’t much a fan of Neev in the beginning, but the moment she did her snaps and turn in bikini, she just impressed me a lot. Even Anusha couldn’t stop herself from saying ‘Work it girl, Work it’. Her struts in swimsuit reminded of Miss Universe contestants who have been trained in Venezuela. I am not sure about her being in Top 10 next week but I personally want to see her going ahead. I see a lot of raw potential in this girl.

#10-Rushali Rai

India's Next Top Model Episode 1
Rushali Rai

To me, Rushali was the star of India’s Next Top Model Episode 1. The fact she was a complete tomboy and she didn’t care before taking risk shows how daring she was and this is what judges loved as well. She is also one of the most beautiful faces out there and has decent body. She is a strong contender for the title here.


India's Next Top Model Episode 1

Although Neeraj had a doubt on her being Hot and had argument with Shivani, I personally feel she was hot :p. Although, she is still very raw and lack a bit of confidence to channelise her potential in a stream. She might be out in next week. but if she makes it to Top 10, I won’t be surprised at all.

#12- Sreeradhe Khanduja

India's Next Top Model Episode 1
Sreeradhe Khanduja

Sreeradhe Khanduja was my one of the most favourites at Miss Diva 2014 and when I heard her name in Top 13 of INTM, I was very happy and thought that she might just win this title. But no, she disappointed me with that body that completely lacked the definition. She needs more work on her body but facially she is sure shot Top 10. I personally wish to go her ahead and unravel her potential.

#13- Vishakha Bharadwaj

India's Next Top Model Episode 1
Vishakha Bharadwaj

I remember seeing Vishakha Bharadwaj at I Am She 2012 where she was extremely raw. But she has turned out to be an awesome girl now. The way she has transformed from a shy girl to such an extrovert girls amazed me. I loved her acting stint of portraying Kangana Ranaut from Queen, it was impressive. She also had one of the best catwalk and her slender tall frame has very good chances of going far in this contest. She will be in for sure.

Pic Courtesy: MTV

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