Face Off: Pia Wurtzbach vs Olivia Jordan

Pia Wurtzbach vs Olivia Jordan

Miss USA 2015 has finally concluded with a lot of celebration and style.  Thanks to the recent controversy, 2015 was perhaps the best Miss USA edition that we got to see in recents years.  Everything about the show rocked – the stage, the girls, the finalists, the winners, the judges; it was a total swag!  On of course, the best thing is Olivia Jordan – the fabulous winner and now a front-runner for the Miss Universe title.  So OF COURSE it is obvious to compare her to the other front-runners of the Miss Universe pageant.  And then someone mentioned that the coming Miss Universe edition can be like Miss Universe 2012 where Philippines and USA are the last two standing, and I had to agree to that. 🙂  Pia and Olivia are both very strong contenders for the Miss Universe title.

Pia Wurtzbach vs Olivia Jordan

Body: Pia, sorry to say, but is not in perfect shape.  She was not even when she won Binibining Pilipinas.  But she has a charm on her face and perhaps can walk well in the swimsuit round.  She has a lot of time and she can definitely imrpove her body during this period.  On the other hand, Olivia is tall and lean.  She looks fabulous in the swimsuit and can walk very well.  She easily wins this round.

Beauty: Pia is very beautiful.  Her face is lovely and she was amazing in the evening gown competition of Binibining Pilipinas.  The gown was good and so were the twirls.  She was a total “pro”.  On the other hand, Olivia was also amazing in the evening gown round of Miss USA.  The gown was so “Miss Venezuela” and she looked like a barbie in it.  Her face and her smile – she is just so gorgeous!  Let’s not waste our time by comparing, this round is a TIE!

Personality: Pia was good in the final round.  She gave a good answer and her confidence was nice in Binibining Pilipinas.  She has a nice presence and like Olivia, is a pageant veteran.  Olivia was very strong in the last 2 rounds of Miss USA 2015.  Her answers were good and her victory was pretty convincing.  Though I lean slightly towards Olivia, but let’s give a benefit of doubt to Pia.  Let’s conclude this round too as a TIE!

Thus, at this stage, it seems Olivia Jordan is stronger in the race than Pia Wurtzbach.  Still, there is a lot of time and it is possible that Pia can work on her body during this period.  It is possible and then we may actually see a repeat of Miss Universe 2012. 🙂