Miss USA 2015 Swimsuit Round [Detailed Review]

Review: Miss USA 2015 Swimsuit Round

Miss USA 2015 Swimsuit

Miss USA 2015 ended up leaving every one happy; happy for over all results, happy for the quality of show, happy for the great winner, happy for the set of judges and happy for lower sponsors distraction. We are sure you would have read the Detailed Review of Miss USA 2015 Interview Portion. It’s now time we discuss in detail on the overall performance of girls in Miss USA 2015 Swimsuit round. Before we go on to discussing all the girls, we must say, most of the girls performed extremely good and they were quite confident on the stage, except a few.

Texas: What could be a beautiful start to Miss USA 2015 Swimsuit round than a beautiful girl like Texas? She channelized more energy here and her beauty was shining. Personally, I think she is a kind of girl every guy would like to date. She had this universal facial appeal and voluptuous body that it was not possible for judges to ignore her at this juncture.

Maryland: The black barbie of the pageant rocked the Miss USA 2015 Swimsuit round like no one else. She was confident and her presence was undeniable. Her white bikini and 100 watt smile stood her out easily from the rest of bunch.

Arizona: I felt the saddest for Arizona as she was my sentimental favourite and was also my pick in Best in Swimsuit Performances in Preliminary. She was little nervous and it was showing in her lack lustre performance in the finale. I probably knew that she won’t make the next cut and she didn’t.

Michigan: Michigan had one of the best introduction and she was shining on the stage. I also loved her blonde Jessica Rabbit type look. She performed well here and was expected to go ahead.

Virginia: Although, this girl was my favourite in the beginning, but I was disappointed with her preliminary performance. Her  body was flat and with no proper curves. And I could see a lot of muscles on the body which doesn’t go well with elegant female bodies. I knew she will be out soon.

Rhode Island: This girl had a body to die for and a walk to kill for. She is a Latina and she knew how to put stage on fire. Her performance was those of Miss Universe level girl. It was easy to predict that she will make the cut to next round.

Kentucky: This leggy lass impressed me with her towering height and lead body frame. It was nice to see her in finale and her performance in Swimsuit impressed me. I thought she would move on to the next round based on judges’ decision. But it was public that made her go to Evening gown round. Anyway, nice to see her getting a chance to perform in Evening gown round.

Hawaii: Hawaii was one girl that I liked a lot in prelim but was unsure about judges noticing her, so I didn’t expect to see her in finale. However, her red bikini and her polished walk was so seductive. I really wanted this girl to go all the way to Top 5. Although, it looked to me that she was bit nervous and may miss the cut to next round. But she managed to go ahead.

New York: One of our favourites after prelims, New York was calm and composed. I was expecting more energy from her but she looked bit dull in the moment. Although, I wanted her to go into the Top 10, I wasn’t too surprised when she missed the next cut. Her prelim performance was better in my opinion.

Illinois: I am still figuring out how come she made it to the finale? Especially after that horrendous evening gown she wore in preliminary. In finale as well, her performance was nothing great and as expected she got eliminated after this.

Nevada: I didn’t notice this girl much till the Evening Gown round of preliminary. I loved her there and then there was no looking back. What I adore about Nevada was her performance was even better than preliminary in swimsuit round. She had another latina type performance in Miss USA 2015 Swimsuit round.

Oklahoma: The Queen of the night award goes to Oklahoma. Her performance was not sassy but it was classy. Full of smile and radiance, how can someone not keep her in top positions with such attitude? We loved her here and she improved a lot from her preliminary swimsuit performance where she got lost in the bunch.

Delaware: It was extremely a pleasant sight to see Delaware finally placing in the finale of Miss USA 2015. And this girl had no stopping, she was performing as if she was taking revenge of all her 53 predecessors who failed to place in Semi finals.If I had to give an award for energy in Miss USA 2015 Swimsuit Round, it would go to Delaware.

Louisiana: I hate the fact that she had to place just because she was from host state? She was no comparison to her predecessor who placed 3rd runner-up in Miss USA 2014. Especially her smile was not helping her at all. But yes, she had a good body and stage presence in the finale. But Top 10 was too much in my opinion.

Alabama: Alabama is my one girl who was leading the pack in the beginning by got lost in preliminary due to extremely bad make up. If someone had to judge with a neutral opinion, she could have missed the cut. Anyway, she improved her make up in finale, yet it was somehow not properly done. Her super sexy curves and facial beauty with uber confidence was a stand out in swimsuit round. She was expected to go ahead at this point.

Best and Worst in Miss USA 2015 Swimsuit Round

Conclusion: It was difficult to pick best in Oklahoma, Rhode Island and Nevada for Miss USA 2015 Swimsuit Round but Rhode Island prevailed in the end. Just for a simple reason that her performance matched the level of Zuleyka Rivera and Dayana Mendoza. All other girls were still competing at Miss USA level. About Worst in Swimsuit, it has to be Virginia, simply because her body prototype is not what I imagine to be of Miss USA winner, no offence..!!! Also, her performance didn’t impress much compared to other 14 girls in the finale.

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