The infamous ‘Delaware Curse’ at Miss USA is finally broken..!!!

Renee Bull – ‘The Curse Breaker’

Renee Bull
This would the most unforgettable moment for Delaware when Renee Bull was called in for Top 15.

Little did we realise that Miss USA 2015 will be one of the best editions before watching the finale, it left us speechless at the end. We shall talk about other good things in other post but what we loved the most about Miss USA 2015 was that the infamous ‘Delaware Curse’ at Miss USA 2015 existing since past 54 years finally got broken. Yes, Renee Bull managed to crack the semi finals for Delaware for the first time since the inception of Miss USA contest. All other states have placed in the semi finals but Delaware was yet to get their first placement. But, A Big Thanks to ‘Renee Bull’ who came in like a storm that she drew the most attentions apart from Miss USA 2015 winner. The name of Renee Bull shall go down into golden letters in the history of Delaware for sure.

When Renee was called in Top 15, our first reaction was bit shocking but she gave kick ass performance in Swimsuit. Her mid-core could have had jealousy of other girls. Renee making to Top 10 wasn’t surprising a much. And then came her evening gown. We must tell you one thing, she had one of the best Evening Gowns performance. For a moment we thought that if there has to be only one girl in Top 5 of Miss USA, the judges might take a pass on Maryland and allow Delaware to enter the Top 5 slot. However, her Yellow coloured evening gown didn’t bring joy on the face of judges and her journey to the crown ended up in top 10.

Apart from a Top 10 placement,she also managed to get a sub award of Miss Congeniality,for being most friendly with co-contestants, shared jointly with Miss Alaska. This award proves how down to earth she was. Also, from whatever video we could see of her, we realised that she had a live personality, something that we found missing in Maryland during the show. Wasn’t this a huge debut at Miss USA? Did you love the presence of Renee in Top 10?

Pic Credits: Pageant Update Info

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