Miss USA 2015 Final Hotpicks

Miss USA 2015 Final Hotpicks

Miss USA 2015 will go down in the history as one of the most unpredictable pageants ever. This batch is filled with so many stunner that we decided we will do top 20 rather than top 15/16.  We have divided our Miss USA 2015 Final Hotpicks into 4 groups – Crown Contenders, Front-runners, Dark Horses & Possible Surprises.  It has been a rocky month for the Miss Universe Organization as the whole organization was caught between bitter war of words between Donald Trump (Co owner of Miss Universe/Miss USA organization) &the Latino community over racial comments made by Mr. Trump which lead to many sponsors back out from the event at the last moment. It was a blessing in disguise for pageant fans during the prelims as there were no unwanted sponsors’ commercials. It saved the fans from torture of girls fake smiling & promoting the sponsors. It was a nice change to see the focus being on the contestants & the host city Baton Rouge. After we analysed all the girls in Miss USA 2015 Preliminary Swimsuit, Evening Gown and Video Interviews, we arrived following list leading to Miss USA 2015 Final Hotpicks .

Miss USA 2015 Final Hotpicks!


Miss USA 2015 Final Hotpicks

Olivia Jordan, Miss Oklahoma USA 2015: Her performance drew mix responses from pageant followers.  Olivia is a pageant veteran and she knows how to step up her game. We are confident that she will be a force to reckon with at the finale.

Ashleigh Lollie, Miss Florida USA 2015: This light-eyed beauty is the biggest surprise of the pageant.  She came from nowhere to become a hot favourite for the Miss USA crown post-prelims. Her stunning performance forced us to keep her in crown contenders for Miss USA 2015 Final Hotpicks.  She will definitely put Florida back into Top 5 of Miss USA. She is also our sentimental favourite to win the crown.

Mame Adjei, Miss Maryland USA 2015: Best Black girl of the pageant!  She was unstoppable during the prelims.  Her never-ending long legs are a delight to watch when she struts in her swimsuit on the ramp.  She is already a contestant on America’s Next Top Model & has a bright future in modelling world.

Anea Garcia, Miss Rhode Island USA 2015: Since past 3 years, the front-runners faded away during the contest but came back strong to win the main crown.  Will Anea do the same?  This 20 years old lawyer has everything that can fetch her not just the Miss USA, but Miss Universe crown.  We were bit disappointed with her evening gown choice for preliminary, as it felt bit over-whelming on her & also didn’t compliment her height.

Maureen Montagne, Miss Arizona USA 2015: Maureen’s journey to the Miss USA crown has been remarkable.  This Pinoy beauty was a delight to watch during the prelims. Her exotic features & height will help her stand out from the others.  We do see her in the final Top 5 for sure.


Miss USA 2015 Final Hotpicks

Emma Wo, Miss Hawaii USA 2015: Emma stands out in the bunch because of her exotic looks and charm.  She delivered during the prelims due to her confidence and influential smile.  She has a strong fan-base among pageant fans and if luck favors, she can ever crack the Top 5 and may be even win.

Katie George, Miss Kentucky USA 2015: Katie George gave one of the strongest video interviews.  It was clear from the interview that this girl is full of confident and determination.  She did quite well in the evening gown competition and we feel the focus in this beauty can really help her a lot in finals.

Brittany McGowan, Miss Nevada USA 2015: Miss Nevada was spectacular in the evening gown competition!  She is very confident and presented herself with so much flair!  Even her video interview was good indicating that she is one of the personable girls in the lot.

Julia Dalton, Miss North Carolina USA 2015: Julia Dalton has been preparing for this moment since childhood along with her sister Kirsten Dalton.  While Kirsten fulfilled her dream, now it is time of Julia.  Julia looked gorgeous in the presentation show.  She is the third woman from her immediate family to compete in Miss USA and expectations from her are very high.

Rashontae Wawrzyniak, Miss Michigan USA 2015: Rashontae gave a strong performance in the evening gown and swimsuit rounds of the prelims.  She was quite good in the interview too.  Along with all the other 4 girls in this category, Rashontae in our opinion has a fair chance of making the next cut and perhaps even pulling off a win! For us the one of the major front runners in our list of Miss USA 2015 Hotpicks.


Miss USA 2015 Final Hotpicks

Madison Guthrie, Miss Alabama USA 2015: Madison was the victim of bad make-up in presentation show.  But still her beauty cannot be denied.  She has been among the front-runners from day 1 and we just cannot take her out of race just because of one flaw.If the make up of this girl is not ruined in finale, she will be an instant favourite for Miss USA crown again.

Brooke Fletcher, Miss Georgia USA 2015: Brooke is one of the really prettiest girls in the contest.  She received a lot of attention during the presentation-show for her beauty.

Candice Bennatt, Miss Louisiana USA 2015: Louisiana is the host girl.  Last year Brittanry Guidry received a lot of support when she made it to the Top 5.  Same support can be expected for Candice!  She was particularly strong in the swimsuit round of the prelims.

Ylianna Guerra, Miss Texas USA 2015: Yliannna has always been one of the most talked girls of the pageant.  Although few other girls got more attention before prelims, but in prelims she again returned in spotlight.

Laura Puleo, Miss Virginia USA 2015: Laura is very pretty and she performed well in the swimsuit competition particular.  She is also known to be one of the strong communicators in the batch.


Miss USA 2015 Final Hotpicks

Talyah Polee, Miss Colorado USA 2015: Along with Miss Maryland, Talyah is another black beauty who can do well at finals.  She comes across as a graceful lady and her gown is one of the best ones in the pageant. She was bit lost in Swimsuit, however, we feel that she is too good to be ignored from Top 20 list of Miss USA 2015 Final Hotpicks.

Heather Elwell, Miss Maine USA 2015: Miss Maine reminded many of Miss Universe 2012 Olivia Culpo due to her styling!  She also gave one of the strongest video interviews this year. Her confidence is impeccable.

Polikseni Manxhari, Miss Massachusetts USA 2015: Polikseni is very attractive and has a good fan-base.  While many people don’t put her in their prediction lists, some have her as their winner for this year.

Thatiana Diaz, Miss New York USA 2015: This Latina bomb-shell performed very well in presentation show.  Her’s was one of the best evening gowns of the night.

Elizabeth Cardillo, Miss Pennsylvania USA 2015: Elizabeth is a darling!  She looks like a doll and talks like one.  Her video interview was very good.

Do you agree with our list of Miss USA 2015 Final Hotpicks? Tell us your favourite.

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