Karina Ramos – “The Unsung Heroine”

Karina Ramos – “The Unsung Heroine”

Karina Ramos“The Unsung Heroine” is the weekend feature of TGPC wherein we present the stories of beauties who did very well in their international pageant but were not called among semi-finalist. The first edition talked about Isidora Borovcanin (Miss Bosnia & Herzegovina iat Miss World 2014) and second edition talked about Simran Kaur Mundi (Miss India at Miss Universe 2008). This weekend we will talk about Karina Ramos! Karina Ramos represented Costa Rica in Miss Universe 2014-15 and went unplaced, which is just undigestible. She was among the favourites of TGPC for Miss Universe title and featured in our Hot-picks.

  1. Karina Ramos is a very confident girl. She has her own company that coaches girls for modelling. She has around 30-60 employees. It is really not usual to find entrepreneurs in international pageants like Miss Universe where the age limit is 27 years.
  2. Karina was very good in her video interview at Miss Universe. She spoke with a lot of confidence and has a lot fo charm in her personality. Her interview was among 10 Best Interviews of Miss Universe 2014-15.
  3. Karina was smashing in her pictures during Miss Universe, may it be the Fadil shot, the head-shot, the long-shot or the swimsuit shot.
  4. Karina was very good in the evening gown round of the presentation show. Her gown was good and the flair with which she carried the gown was good. She is indeed a super-model! It must be one of the best 10 evening gown presentations of the evening.
  5. Karina was very good in the swimsuit round too. Her body was quite in shape and she presented herself with a lot of confidence. Definitely one of the strong ladies in the round.
  6. Karina is confident and well-spoken, for sure she must have done well in her interview too.

Karina Ramos

In spite of such strong prelims performance, Karina was left out of the Top 15. One theory is that Trump excluded her because she placed at Miss Supranational in 2012. Another theory, the one in which I believe, is that Karina was too strong and if she had made the cut, it would have been difficult for Paulina Vega to win, which is what the organizers perhaps wanted! Don’t know if ithe theory is true, but I do believe that Karina could have easily aced the three rounds of the finals.

The thing we can be glad about is that Karina is a star, a very confident and bright woman. She will find a successful and happy place for herself. There is just no doubt about it!

Credits: Karina Ramos Miss Costa Rica 2014 page