Best in Miss USA 2015 Preliminary Swimsuit Round

Miss USA 2015 Preliminary Swimsuit

Best in Miss USA 2015 Preliminary Swimsuit Round

Miss USA 2015 Preliminary show got over last night. In contradiction to what many of us thought, the lack of sponsorship didn’t affect the quality of show and we really appreciate that. We all saw girls competing in two major round at Miss USA 2015: Swimsuit and Evening Gown. The host announced that the personal interviews will be conducted later on. Anyway, as it happens every year, many major favourites failed to impress in the finale and many underdog out performed the hyped favourites. One of the major disappointments of the show was Miss Alabama. Her make up artist should be sued for ruining her chances. Although, at the same time, I believe that she will still make the cut on the basis of heavy sash and once she is there in finale, nothing can stop her from being a Top 5, provided her make up is not ruined again in the finale. We could list out 5 girls who did extremely well in preliminary rounds. In this article, we shall list out 5 girls who excelled in Miss USA 2015 Preliminary Swimsuit Round. Remember, they are in alphabetical order and has no definite ranking as all of them were extremely good.

#Arizona: Mauren Montagne

Miss USA 2015 Preliminary Swimsuit

What a hot body to handle on the stage. Arizona has pinoy decent, which would help her a lot should she win Miss USA 2015. And she certainly can. She reminds me a lot of Miss China Universe 2011, Luo Zi Lin. She is such a leggy lass and that slender body frame of her can kill anyone. She will definitely put the stage on fire if she is in the finale, which 99% she is. I don’t see a reason why she won’t be in Top 5 of Miss USA 2015 finale. Presently, she is my Top 5 pick of Miss USA 2015 Preliminary Swimsuit.

#Arkansas: Leah Blefko

Miss USA 2015 Preliminary Swimsuit

I was too dumb to ignore this hot bombshell till now. She has such a nicely packaged body frame that every where I could only see the term ‘Perfection’. I loved her in the Miss USA 2015 Preliminary Swimsuit round. Her towering height of 5’11 will definitely add an advantage to her favour. Note: Don’t judge her by the above pic, it does no justice to her performance.

#Florida: Ashleigh Lollie

Miss USA 2015 Preliminary Swimsuit

Florida is a girl who was nowhere in my radar till the preliminary and now she jumps into my list as one of the major crown contender. Her face was divine, and if I was to rate all the girls based on beauty, she would be among my Top 3. I loved her charming aura through out the competition. The only concern I have is that she should smile a bit more, then the crown is hers to lose.

#Maryland: Mame Adjei

Miss USA 2015 Preliminary Swimsuit
Maryland Mamé Adjei

The only term that would define Maryland is ‘Goddess’. I loved the way Maryland presented herself on the stage. To me, she is the face of the pageant. Her body is also in quite good form. Last time I was so much vying for Miss Georgia, Tiana Griggs, but she didn’t win. This time I am vying for her to win, it’s high time we get a Miss USA of colour now. If I was to rank this article, she would be on Top of Miss USA 2015 Preliminary Swimsuit.

#New York: Thatiana Diaz

Miss USA 2015 Preliminary Swimsuit
New York Thatiana Diaz

I thought new York this year was hopeless and a plain face. But she proved me wrong, she was styled so well that it was impossible to keep her out of my Top 5 at Miss USA 2015 Swimsuit Preliminary. She has this unique look which is a deadly combination of 90s+20s. She has sexy body and a beautiful face. I find her an easy pick for Top 20 in the finale.

Honourable Mentions Miss USA 2015 Preliminary Swimsuit: Rhode Island, Ohio, Oklahoma, Maine, Georgia

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Pic Courtesy: Miss USA

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