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5 Dark Horses you should watch out at Miss USA 2015 Preliminary

5 Dark Horses you should watch out at Miss USA 2015 Preliminary


Miss USA 2015 Preliminary is less than 12 hours far from now. Most of you would have been stuck at finalising the girls who you think are expected to be performing well or who are probably going to lead the preliminary due to heavy Noise supporting them ;). Well, I planned to pick 5 girls from the lot of 51 contestants today, who I think are not heavy crown favourite but can easily get noticed in the Miss USA 2015 Preliminary due to some unique quality. Let’s see who are those 5 girls.

#Colorado: Talyah Polee

Miss USA 2015 Preliminary

Colorado had one of the Best Evening Gown portrait. We were also impressed by her styling at welcome reception. What we love about Colorado is that she has towering height, lean body and really shining aura. She might not be the best black girl but she is sure shot a dark horse to watch out at Miss USA 2015 Prelimnary.

#Maine: Heather Elwell

Miss USA 2015 Preliminary

Am I the only one whom Maine reminds of Olivia Culpo? Her charming face and her resemblance to Olivia might help her to break through the preliminary tonight. Also, when I said Olivia, I must tell you that she is a taller version of Olivia. I also kind of liked her gown too, the colour of royalty, blue. I feel that she might just get a good placement if performed well tonight at Miss USA 2015 Preliminary. She was in our Miss USA 2015 Interview Video.

#North Dakota: Molly Ketterling

Miss USA 2015 Preliminary

She was one of my top 10 pick at Best In Glamshots. I love this girl because of her unique beauty from other and how she reminds me of Jessica Rabbit in some angle. Her evening gown is also kind of likeable in motion. Last year, North Dakota was 1st runner-up, can Molly repeat the same success?

#Pennsylvania: Elizabeth Cardillo

Miss USA 2015 Preliminary

What a charming face Pennsylvania has got. Her 100 watt smile lightens up the whole photoshoot. Her gown body hugging black fish tail gown could be her biggest asset tomorrow to break through Miss USA 2015 Preliminary round. She was also one of our Top 5 picks in Miss USA 2015 Interview Videos.

#Tennessee: Kiara Young

Miss USA 2015 Preliminary

Now, I feel that most of you may not agree with me. But don’t you guys just find this girl exotic? She has this start quality that she never fails to make her presence felt in any of the picture. Not many girl can do that. I also find her personality live. Just imagine, if she can do this much in just pictures, what can she do in Live Miss USA 2015 Preliminary tonight?

Stay tuned with us, we will keep on updating you live.

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