Why Shilpa Singh wasted her ‘Miss India’ Title?

Why Shilpa Singh wasted her ‘Miss India’ Title?

I recently came across this video on the profile of Shilpa Singh, Miss Universe India 2012, giving some speech to a group of young guys at Ted X III. I will come on to the things she discussed in this video later but what surprised me the most is what a beautiful transformation this girl has got over a period of 3 years. I personally had a pleasure to meet Shilpa Singh twice, once at Finale of the I AM SHE 2012 and another at pre-finale coverage in some dinner party. She kept on speaking for 15 minutes with a natural pace that shows why she stood out at I AM SHE as well as Miss Universe, You gotta have brains for sure..!!! If I go with the rumour from my sources, they said that Shilpa Singh topped the interview segment in preliminary of Miss Universe 2012 with a score of 9.6/10. On the contrary, those who followed her pageant journey at national level would definitely recall how she was bullied by the pageant fanatics on various portals. But she shut all the naysayer when she walked down the ramp of Miss Universe 2012 Preliminary.

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Shilpa Singh
Shilpa Singh in various rounds of Miss Universe 2012.

Coming back to her video, What I liked about this video was that her speech had no element of Fakeness. She could have taken the pride of being Miss Universe India but all she did was ‘Stay Grounded’. I especially loved following few things about this video seminar:

1) How Shilpa Singh accepts the fact that she is not as famous as many Miss India from past and she is happy with that.

2) How she always kept on doing random experiments and failed in many of them. Applying for Miss Universe India was one of the those experiments which changed her life.

3) How Shilpa Singh also acknowledged the fact that she was bullied by critics and she didn’t care about it.

4) How it was very awkward to convey her mother about competing in pageant in Bikini and how she went for first every Bikini shopping with her mother.

5) How she emphasised upon the fact that people need to come out of their comfort zone to be notable. People staying in their restricted perimeter will never enjoy the taste of success they desire.

6) How she was intimidated by all the beautiful girls around her in auditions of Miss Universe India, which most girls do but don’t accept.

7) How she kept on adding light humour and funny punches in between her speech. This made me watch whole video without getting bored at all.

8) The fact that  most people consider that she could have utilised her title for getting into Bollywood rather than ‘WASTING’ it by being somewhere else. She contradicts that statement and proves that she is happy being what she is today. She didn’t waste her title at all.

9) In the end, I could not stop adoring her for, ‘Omg, still there is so much time left. Did I miss something? You want me to repeat everything? because I can do that…!!!”

We asked our community member on Facebook Group about why they think Shilpa Singh is a role model as a Miss India to many young girls. Have a look at their responses.

Shilpa Singh

For more, you gotta see the video 😉

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