Melissa Consin Young’s letter to Trump will make you cry

Former Miss Wisconsin USA, Melissa Consin Young writes in support of Trump & his pageants

As the whole Donald Trump v/s Mexicans controversy is becoming bigger and going way out of proportion, finally Mr. Donald Trump, or should I say Miss Universe/Miss USA pageant is finding support from people.  Many former Miss USA winners are slowly coming out in support of the pageant.  The backstage commentator Jeannie Mai has declared that she does not agree with Mr. Trump, but she will not do wrong to so many beautiful girls who participate in Miss USA and Miss Universe pageants every year.  She will continue to be part of these events.  Miss USA 2005 Chelsea Cooley also declared her support for the pageants.  Paula Stuggart, the lady who practically manages both the pageants, has said in her latest interview that both the shows will happen and former queens may be a part of it.  After all, they are what they are because of these shows.

However, what caught our attention and shook us from within was the letter of Melissa Consin Young to Mr. Trump that she published on her facebook profile with pictures.  It just proves that there is lot more to Miss Universe, Miss USA and even to Mr. Donald Trump than those 2-3 hurtful sentences that were spoken by him out of some serious bad mood, may be.  I am not justifying or taking his side.  I am just choosing to be what God has taught us to be.  I am being kind.

Melissa Consin Young
Chelsea Cooley made appearance on FOX NEWS to support Donald Trump & Miss USA pageant.

Have a look at what Melissa Consin Young wrote to Mr. Trump:

Dear Mr. Trump,

As my body is getting weaker, I am unsettled by the fact that I have never been able to directly thank you. Because of you and your efforts, my son Jack who is Mexican-American, has a chance at a better future and a solid education. You and the Miss USA pageant played a tremendous role in my life. It was the BIGGEST honor of my life to compete on your Miss USA stage in 2005 representing the state of Wisconsin. As a little girl that grew up homeless and in extreme poverty, it was my dream come true to stand on that very stage. Winning Miss Congeniality was beyond anything I could’ve ever imagined. I don’t know if I can even accurately describe to you how much it meant to me to even be there in light of the circumstances in which I grew up in. The bonds that were formed during the pageant, molded a best friendship with my sister-in-life, Chelsea Cooley Altman – who just happened to win Miss USA that year. About 3 years ago, Chelsea was in NYC and attended one of your many functions at Trump Tower, where you debuted This turned out to be a life changing event for my son and I. I am forever indebted to you. It’s been almost 7 years since my world was turned upside down while giving birth to Jack. Because of a lack of care during my pregnancy by my doctor I was stricken with an incurable disease that left me unable to physically care for my son. I fight every day with every fiber of my being to have simple, but lasting moments with him. Living in fear as a result of the horrific lack of care and negligence from my doctors and medical professionals, kept me silent, where I was too scared to share the cause of my illness with anyone.

A year and a half ago, when Chelsea found out about my disease, she immediately took it upon herself to start a scholarship fundraiser for Jack through your organization, FundAnything – so that neither he nor I would have to worry about college for him – especially since I won’t be here when he crosses that milestone in life. At the same time, since I am now uninsurable for life insurance, Chelsea was adamant I allow her to do this for Jack. Within days, the fund soared. Where by the end of the campaign, thousands of dollars were donated for the fund for my 6 year old son – a Mexican-American. I cannot tell you how incredible the outpouring of support, donations and thousands of letters from around the world have been. There came a day during the campaign, that I will never forget. I was VERY ill and out of the blue, a package showed up, hand-delivered from you. Even while traveling, you took the time to send such a wonderful message of hope and support. I was going through some very dark times and this was unbelievable that not just anyone – but Donald Trump himself – took the time to think of my son and me. I have looked up to you my entire life. The scholarship fund is more than what it entails. This ultimately gave me the gift of peace. I will not be here to walk Jack through that stage of his life. As a mother, knowing that his education is taken care of, is the most special gift anyone could ever give me. And because of your organizations – Miss USA and – you have given me the greatest gifts of all – peace of mind, heart and soul. I have been writing letters to Jack so that he can read them when I am in heaven, explaining how you, your organization and the snowballing effect of support from people all around the world have forever changed our world. With this, I have explained to Jack that a great responsibility has been instilled in him to pay it forward just as you have done for us. Yours is a gift that will keep on giving.

I am forever grateful,
Melissa Ann Young-Miranda
Miss Wisconsin USA 2005

PS. You have my vote.

Melissa Consin Young
Melissa Consin Young won Miss Congeniality in Miss USA 2005

Thanks a lot Melissa Consin Young for sharing your story with us, and also your vote. Melissa Consin Young’s letter has made me choose my vote too.  It is in favor of MUO/Mr. Trump.  I put my points as follows:

  1. Donald Trump may be arrogant and yes, he needs to control his tongue.  But some of things that he has done have definitely contributed to the world, to society in really positive ways.  
  2. Yes, Miss Universe, Miss USA & Miss Teen USA pageants have definitely done a lot of good to so many women through out the world over the past decades.  Lot of them have found celebrity-hood in their regions just because they were a part of these.  A lot of them came into these shows with big dreams and these shows gave them the opportunities to live these dreams, to the extent they allowed themselves too.
  3. Unlike Miss World, Miss Universe may not have “Beauty with a purpose” contest, but Miss Universe Organization is involved in a lot of social work.  The winners do raise a lot of money and awareness through their activities every year.
  4. We know Sushmita Sen because of Miss Universe.  We know Wendy Fitzwilliam because of Miss Universe.  Natalie Glebova might have been “just another Russian” if she was not crowned Miss Universe.  A girl from small country like Botswana, Mpule Kwelagobe got the chance to work with the United Nations and that would not have happened had she not won the Miss Universe title.
  5. These pageants have a legacy – they are going on from years.  The matter is simply being politicised.  Yes, the exact statement of Trump was hurtful, but so are many other things in this world.  Why beat the drum of it?  Why not focus on the good parts?  Is it fair to leave 51 wonderful girls at last moment like this?  Their dreams are valuable.

Anyways, long story short, I support Miss Universe Organization in the whole matter.  I support the queens.  What about YOU?

Credits: Melissa’s Facebook