Donald Trump v/s Mexico Controversy: A “Pollyanna Perspective” on the matter

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Donald Trump made some strong remarks about Mexican illegant immigrants.  More than the content, it was the offensive tone which caused grief to many people from the latin countries.  He has had to face many repurcussions as everyone knows.  Mexico will not be a part of Miss Universe.  Univision, NBC, Farouke Systems & Chi – these have been associated with Miss Universe pageants since long, and now then have decided to part ways.  Many other celebrities including Miss Universe 2006 Zuleyka Rivera have decided to cut ties with pageants related to Trump.  It is said that many other Latin countries are considering to back out from the pageant.  Miss USA pageant which is to be held soon does not have a TV station to be telecasted on!  Mr. Trump is still quite hot.  He has declared to sue the sponsors for closure of contracts and has expressed absolutely no regrets at all!

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The drama is unending.  We are sure there will be more developments in the matter.  While observing all this as a pageant fan from a distant country in Asia, I decided to choose the Pollyanna perspective.  Pollyanna, to those who don’t know, is a fictional character by Eleanor Porter.  She always tries to find “something to be glad about” in whatever happens! When someone gifted her clutches that are used by those who can’t walk, Pollyanna decided to be glad because she din’t need them! 🙂 So here’s the “Pollyanna” take on “Donald Trump v/s Mexico” controversy!

Benefit to Mr. Donald Trump

Donald Trump
Trump’s response to NBC backing out

Bad attention is better than no attention!  So much media coverage!  Mr. Trump is trending on social media because of the matter.  This man is trying his luck in Presidential elections.  Such attention is something he will dearly appreciate.  He gets the chance to be heard.  And many people are forming opinion about him.  A lot of them are actually supporting him.  You may check his Facebook page.  People find him straight-forward and powerful.  A lot of people do lean towards arrogance, thinking that the trait will help him do good for the country.  As if goons can ever win hearts!  Anyway, the fact that Mr. Trump is getting a lot of attention in time when he actually needs it, is definitely something he can be “glad” about (in case that’s what he actually wants to!).

Mr. Trump will also learn one more thing – how to control his tongue!  LOL!  It is important for a politician to know how to put his words to people.  Beauty queens have to be politically correct.  Now even beauty pageant owners will have to learn that!

Benefit to Mexico

Donald Trump
Zuleyka was one of the first Non-Mexicans to react strongly to Trump’s statement

Oh, so many people have came forward and supported the country.  Zuleyka Rivera is a Puerto Rican and has had professional ties with Mr. Donald Trump.  Yet she did not hesitate in cancelling her association with Miss USA.  She was to judge the pageant next month.  The country has received a lot of support from nook and corner of the world and this is something that they seriously be glad about.

Benefit to Sponsors who backed out

Talk about ethics and values!  It is nice to know that there are people in this world who place value to ethics, values, morale and humanity above money.  The sponsors backed out for supporting their hispanic employees and clientele.  In any case, this is a bold money.  Call it silly to back out just because of one bad-mouthed statement, I call it full on swag.  They did it like a boss.  I am sure a lot of people who work for or with these sponsors would appreciate them for this bold move.

Benefit to Miss Mexico Organization / Lupita Jones

Donald Trump

Lupita Jones was the first lady to speak against Mr. Trump’s remarks.  Many called her dramatic for that.  But then it didn’t take much time for many others to join her.  She can be glad about the support.  She can be glad she was understood.  Miss Mexico Wendolly will obviously feel sad she can’t compete, but then perhaps she may get a chance to go to some other pageant.  Last year Miss Mexico beauties did not find much justice in their international pageants, inspite of exceptional performances.  It’s better to play in a fairer field!

Benefit to Miss Universe Viewers

It is possible that there can be web-casts of the Miss USA, Miss Universe & Miss Teen Universe pageants on the internet, like it happened for Miss World last year.  How cool right!  It really increases the viewers and it adds to the convenience for many people.  I had rather enjoy a webcast alone in my room then to watch the show on television in presence of those who may have no interest in pageants.

Also, this drama is frankly quite entertaining.  Why tune in to Big Boss, just pay attention to THIS! LOL!  As said because, it is interesting to see people standing up confidently for what they feel is right – you may interpret this depending on the side that you have chosen.

Benefit to celebs who backed out

Donald Trump
Roselyn & Cristian were to host Miss USA. But now they have backed out.

Again talk about guts and ethics!  By backing out this time, Zuleyka has ensured no further association with Miss Universe Organization.  Now this can be a hard thing to swallow.  But she did it and she can remind herself that, that was brave.  Same goes for the other celebs – Roselyn Sanchez, J Balvin & Cristian Dela Fuente.  Isn’t it wonderful to meet and know people who work on their own terms and give importance to ethics too?!  I had never work with someone whom I don’t approve of, not because he is bad, but because the feeling of such disharmony sucks.

Benefits to Franchise-owners (Non-Latin, Non-Americans)

So how about this – the other franchise holders can perhaps negotiate a bit and pay a bit less to Miss Universe organization?  With dwindling reputation of Miss Universe Organization, they can and they SHOULD!

Benefits to non-latin contestants of Miss Universe

Ah, the girls from other countries can have a greater chance.  Why?  Because the latinas always dominate the pageant and often it seems the show is catered for latin countries.  That can explain numerous Latin winners in recent years, the possibility of Miss Latina in Miss Universe (it didn’t happen though) and the back-to-back of Venezuela.  But now the Miss Universe Organization can give more “footage” to other countries too!

Benefits to other pageants

Haha!  Miss World v/s Miss Universe battle has went on for ages.  Now it may end?  Miss World in coming months has a chance to shine out as the best pageant of the world, now that Miss Universe is facing so much resistance.  Even Miss Earth has a chance to shine more.

Benefits to American citizens

All this just gives them an opportunity to clearly decide, individually and on mass-level, whether to support Mr. Trump in elections or not!  Will a man who created so much chaos be able to “make America great again”?  I doubt, but then Americans have to decide that for themselves!

Donald Trump
It seems the fire will take time to extinguish.

For sure, the whole drama will end sooner or later, but like most chaoses, it will teach a lot to number people. Things can be different for Miss Universe in coming years.  Let’s see what happens ahead!

Credits: Facebook page of Donald Trump,,, Twitter screenshots, Critical Beauty FB group, Sayed Kamal (Critical Beauty Group – Lupita Jones image) and to other owners of images

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