Men Universe Model pageant looks for elegance & catwalk in men!

Men Universe Model pageant Fast-Track Winners

Men Universe Model pageant 2015
Fast-track winners

Was I the only one who was surprised on seeing this?  Mr. Elegance?  Mr. Catwalk?  Seriously!  It’s nice to see male pageants on line of female pageants.  They give opportunities to male models to present themselves, become famous and get more opportunities.  But seeking “elegance” & “catwalk” skills from them is just funny!

No taking negatively please – all support from our side to this new and fun pageant.  But how about renaming these awards a bit?  How about “Mr. Suave” or “Mr. Gentleman” in place of “Mr. Elegant”?  Or “Best walk” in place of “Mr. Catwalk”?  Just suggestions, there can be better ones.

Let’s have a look at the winners.


By the way, I think if the title were “literally”, the best candidates would be…

Photo credits: Facebook pages of Mr. Brazil, Mr. Romania