Will Mariana Jimenez be the Miss Universe 2015?

Will Mariana Jimenez be the Miss Universe 2015?

Mariana Jimenez
Mariana Jimenez, Miss Venezuela 2014

Mariana Jimenez, Miss Venezuela 2014, shall be representing Venezuela at Miss Universe 2015. Lots of speculation going on about how Jimenez will perform at Miss Universe 2015. Our team thought of analysing the girl’s strengths and weakness and arrive at a conclusion.

Mariana Jimenez
Mariana Jimenez during a glamshot at Miss Venezuela 2014

Factors that will favour Mariana Jimenez:

1) Mariana Jimenez has got a killer body. The body that defines Miss Universe. Those curves can set any stage on fire. We personally believe that Mariana will have no difficulty in excelling the swimsuit round. The girl definitely knows how to walk (Read Killer walk). Those who have seen her at Miss Venezuela can easily tell that she is a pro when it comes to ramp.

2) Mariana’s presentation in Evening gown round was full of elegance. We personally feel that she has the regal aura of Irene Esser and Gabreila Isler. The only concern we have is that she should not go for a dull evening gown which she had at Miss Venezuela finale.

Mariana Jimenez
Mariana Jimenez during Miss Grand International 2013 with Miss Puerto Rico, Janelle Chaparro , the eventual winner of the contest.

3) Mariana Jimenez is not new to pageants. Yes, she already represented Venezuela in Miss Grand International 2013 where she placed in Top 10. Just imaging, this girl placed in Top 10 without any severe training, and now so she has the team of Osmel Sousa which transforms girls like no one else.

4) This girl, like any other Miss Venezuela, has got  towering height of 1.79 m. Her height itself is enough to stand her out. And the icing on the cake is that she has beautiful face and charming aura. She will definitely be one of the Top 5, if she doesn’t spoil the game.

Mariana Jimenez
Mariana Jimenez during Miss Grand International 2013 Opening Introduction

Factors that may work against Mariana Jimenez:

1) Mariana Jimenez is a successor of Migbellis Castellanos, the girl who made a huge impact across the globe due to her beauty and personality. Migbellis had weight issues and many expected her to miss the cut at finale of Miss Universe 2014. However, she not only managed to place in Top 15 but also cross Top 15 and place in Top 10. This speaks in itself that Migbellis had such a charm and aura that her overweight got overshadowed. Mariana is little weaker in these department. She has beauty and personality but not a match to Migbellis or even Irene Esser. There shall always be a comparison between her and her predecessor.

2) Mariana Jimenez is already a Top 10 placer at a replica and rival of Miss Universe Pageant. i.e. Miss Grand International. Although, we don’t find this to be a strong reason, many people believe that MUO won’t appreciate repetitive beauty queens who have been recycled. There are few who believe that she will place high but her previous pageant stint will cost her the crown of Miss Universe 2015 (Again, we don’t agree 100%).

3) Venezuela has recently won a Miss Universe crown in 2013 and also a back to back in 2008 and 2009. It would be too difficult for Miss Universe organisation to thrive if they again crown Venezuela. We feel Miss Universe might not want to risk their credibility by continuously crowning Venezuela in same decade.

Do you believe  Mariana has all what it takes to be the next Miss Universe?