Zhang Zilin & Yu Wenxia deserved their crowns!

Zhang Zilin & Yu Wenxia deserved their crowns!

Miss World Organization has officially announced that Miss World 2015 will take place in Sanya, China in December this year. The first thing that comes into mind while talking about Miss World in China is win of Zhang Zilin and Yu Wenxia. Sanya has already hosted the pageant 5 times before, in the years 2003, 2004, 2005, 2007 and 2010.  In 2012, the pageant was held in China, though not in Sanya. The moment the announcement was made, many fans of the pageants begun to say on the internet at many places that this year Miss China will place very high just because the pageant is held in Sanya.  They have statistics to support because in 2003, China finished third.  In 2004, China was in the Top 15.  In 2007 & 2012, China was the winner!  In fact, many claim that if the pageants of the year 2007 & 2012 were not held in China, the results would have been different!  In fact these were the only two years when China won Miss World, so many say that China would have never won if they had not hosted the pageant.

Now our opinion on the matter is different.  For sure, we are of the view that the Miss Worlds of the year 2007 and 2012 were fabulous and deserve every fibre of success that they have achieved by winning the Miss World titles in their years.

Zhang Zilin (Miss World 2007)

Miss World 2007 was a very competitive contest.  The number of entrants was 106.  The girls visited number of places in China and even had a look at the preparations for 2008 Olympics!  The girls from Lithuania, Jamaica, Dominican Republic, Malaysia, Mexico, Trinidad & Tobago and of course, China PR were the big favorites.  Traditional favorite India was weak that year with a “not so much in shape” beauty Sarah-Jane Dias who managed to make it to the Top 20 of Talent round.  The other traditional favorite Venezuela gained momentum as the finals proceeded as she placed in both Beach Beauty & Top Model contest.  In fact, she was the first one to be declared as a semi-finalist.  Totally 16 girls made the cut.  6 girls got direct entry by winning Fast-Track competitions – Dominican Republic (Beach Beauty), United States of America (Sports), China PR (Top Model), Ghana (Talent), Ecuador & Hong Kong (tied in Beauty with a Purpose).  Eventually China PR was the winner with Angola finishing second & Mexico third.   Big favorites Dominican Republic & Jamaica could not make it to the Top 5.  Jamaica’s absence was particularly surprising because she placed in all fast-track contests, which is a very rare feat.  Trinidad & Tobago and Sweden completed the Top 5.  Sweden was totally surprised on making it to the Top 5.

Zhang Zilin finished third in the Beach Beauty contest.  This is not surprising because she was tall, lean and looked absolutely fabulous in bikini.  Her smile was endearing.  She was the winner of Top Model.  Again, her height & modelesque walk ensured that her victory looks fair in this round and it was fair.   She looked amazing in the finals as she presented herself on the stage in a beautiful blue gown.  In the final round, she told the audience how she intended to act as a brigde between Miss World and Olympics if she wins the pageant.  Of course, she had a point and judges got it.  Only 2 judges were from China in the pageant.  Eventually she won the crown and she did fulfil her promise.  Of course, her win may look political because the pageant is held in China and Olympics would happen in China.  But in anyway, she had whatever it takes to be a Miss World.  Tall, lean, great body, good presence, charm, confidence, good walk, good personality, beautiful face, great smile – she is everything that one seeks in an international beauty queen.

Yu Wenxia (Miss World 2012)

116 beauties entered Miss World 2012 contest.  Another very competitive year – girls from Philippines, Australia, Brazil, Wales, & China PR were favorites.  South Sudan & India slowly entered the Favorites’ list as the competition progressed.  Those who followed the pageant got the idea that history may repeat itself & China may win the Miss World title.  Yu Wenxia had impeccable presence and reminded of Miss Universe 2000 Lara Dutta in terms of confidence & preparation.  She just looked so immaculate in whatever she did.  The doubts were confirmed and converted into fact when the gorgeous singer was chosen as the new Miss World.  Wales & Australia were her runner-ups.  Ivian Sarcos of Venezuela crowned Wenxia, but it was a shocker to see Venezuela not even making it to the Top 30.  It’s rare to see Venezuela perform so bad at a pageant!

Wenxia was everything that you look for in a beauty queen. She may not be “Miss Film Industry face” like many Miss Worlds have been, but she had her own strengths.  She finished second in Beach Fashion, which was won by Wales.  She was the winner of Talent round, in fact number of people even today recognise her more as a singer than a beauty queen.  She was in Top 10 of Top Model which was won by the fabulous Atong Demach of South Sudan – first year of the country at Miss World.  China was in Top 16 of interviews, also Miss World 2007 Zilin Zhang was a judge in the finals.  With such strong performance, Wenxia had to make it to the Top 7.  She looked absolutely flawless in the finals.  The blue gown suited her perfectly.  It was quite easy to notice that Wenxia was a standout in the bunch.  She was 100 % a perfect choice for Miss World 2012.

Thus, these two spectacular ladies deserved their titles and were fabulous Miss Worlds!  Both of them looked amazing even today and have lived wonderfully popular lives even after their reigns. What do you think of their wins?