Miss Netherlands 2015 (Miss Nederland) Finalists

Miss Netherlands 2015
Miss Netherlands 2014 winners: Tatjana & Yasmin

The Netherlands came into the limelight this year in the world of pageant fans when Yasmin Verheijen from the country finished 4th in the prestigious Miss Universe pageant in Doral islands.  Yasmin beared a little resemblance to the famous Indian-born American porn-star and now Bollywood actress Sunny Leone in opinion of many.  She was one of the two winners at Miss Netherlands (called Miss Nederlands) 2014 pageant.

The other winner was Tatjana Maul.  Tatjana Maul was a Top 5 finalist in the Miss Multimedia contest, which was won by Miss World 2014 2nd Runner-up Elizabeth Safrit of the United States.  Tatjana was also in the Top 10 of the prestigious “Beauty with a Purpose” contest.  Tatjana eventually made it to the Top 25 finalists in the final show and she continued the success of her country at Miss World – the Netherlands is one of very few countries that have been placing at Miss World in past three consecutive years.

Miss Netherlands 2015
Kim Kotter

One more thing to note is that the contest is headed by Kim Kotter, who was Miss Netherlands in Miss Universe 2002.  It is said that Kim finished 11th in the preliminaries.  She finished fourth in Miss Europe 2002 contest.  In addition to Miss Nederland, she also manages Miss Universe Germany pageant.

This year’s Miss Nederland pageant will be held 7th September.  The finalists for the pageant are already chosen and all of them are really competitive.  Representatives for Miss Universe & Miss World will be chosen by the pageant.

Miss Netherlands 2015 Finalists

Adriana Mosk is 25 and was born in Amstelveen.  She now lives in Amsterdam but she still feels as if she is a tourist in the city!

Danique Ewbank Verdonk lives in the Hague.  She is 24.  She is studing Pedagogical Sciences at Leiden University.

Dounia Rijkschroeff is 24.  She has Indian, Moroccan and dutch roots!

Elise Winklaar is 22.  She comes from Eindhoven.

Floortje Fire is 24.  She grew up in Oldenzaal with her parents and siblings.  Now she lives in Amsterdam.

Janike Altena is 21 and was born in Nijmegen.  She has formally studied dance.

Jessie Jazz Vuijk is 20 and lives in Amsterdam.  The city is multi-cultural which she appreciates.  She feels the city made her matured in a short period of time.

Leila Aigbedion is 23 and was born in Deventer.  She lives in Heemskerk.  She has Nigerian roots and works as a nurse at present.

Lisa Michels is half-Dutch and half-Swede.  She is 25 and lives in Amsterdam.  She enjoys singing and dancing.

Margot Hanekamp is 19 and lives in Nijkerk.  She aspires to be an Audio-visual specialist.

Marissa Klouwer is energetic and enthusiastic.  She is 21.  She lives in Amsterdam but she took her work-ethics and passion from her village.

Rosy Gijsen is 21 and lives in Gorinchem.  She studies speech therapy at Rotterdam University.

Who is your early favorite in the bunch?

Credits: Miss Nederland website, Wikipedia