Miss Earth India: A good thing for Indian pageantry!

“Miss Earth India” will choose Miss India for Miss Earth from this year.

A new pageant by the name Miss Earth India has been formed by a new organization with name “Glamanand” with effect from the year 2015 and the winner of the pageant will represent the country at Miss Earth pageant.  The national director for the pageant is 21-years old Nikhil Anand from Darbhanga, India.  He is also the national director from India for Miss Tourism pageant.  A rumor says that for Miss India Amruta Patki is involved with the pageant and many former contestants of Miss India/Miss Diva are considering participation.  Similar developments occured in 2010 when former Miss Universe Sushmita Sen came up with the “I am she” pageant to choose Miss India Universe.  The pageant was short-lived.

Miss Earth India
Nikhil Anand, the owner of Miss Earth India pageant

We, the Great Indian Pageant Community, welcome these new developments.  Here’s why!

1) More opportunities for girls!

Apart from the upcoming Indian Princess contest, currently Femina Miss India and Miss Diva are the main pageants in India – both owned by Times group.  It is said that if a girl makes it to the Top 3 of either pageant, she cannot participate in any of the two pageants again.  A new pageant by the name Miss Earth India which will send the representative to Miss Earth pageant means a new opportunity for the girls.  Even the girls who cracked the Top 3 at Miss India/Miss Diva can try at Miss Earth India.  One more option is added in the list of pageant aspirants!

2) More entertainment for fans!

Miss Earth India
Nicole Faria of India won Miss Earth 2010.  Since then India has not placed in the pgeant!

Yes, one more pageant to follow!  One more pageant to make hot-picks about!  One more pageant to discuss and argue about!  One more pageant to appreciate and criticize! 😉  One more thing to follow for the pageant fans of India & world at large!

3) More success for India!?

 Few years ago, one of the winners of Femina Miss India pageant was crowned as Miss India Earth in the final show itself.  Since that stopped, somehow Indian girls are not doing well at Miss Earth inspite of being very strong and promising.  One group of people believe that Miss Earth organization was not happy with the “end of acknowledgement” to the pageant in the Miss India finals.  Miss Earth is trying to get into the top league of Interntional pageant circuit.  So this possibility may be actually true.  Now that there is an exclusive national pageant for Miss Earth in India, Miss Earth organization should be happy!  Perhaps a token placement for the country this year at Miss Earth, no matter how the delegate from India is?!!?

4) Competition is always a good thing!

Miss Earth India
An unconfirmed rumor says that Hida Siddiqui (Miss Diva 2014 finalist) is considering participation in Miss Earth India. Can it be true?

The basis of Economics – competition is always good for consumers!  They get the best services at best prices due to competition.   In the pageant context, the Miss India / Miss Diva pageants which have enjoyed strong monopoly may start improving their game with this new development, especially if Miss Earth India is a success, which is possible because the Glamanand team is young the new national director Nikhil Anand is quite approachable and open passionate!  Some people find the Miss India management team a bit “grumpy” and “closed” when it comes to interaction with fans!  Of course, that is not what “we” think! Haha!

So long story short, Miss Earth India and the whole enchilada of related changes that are coming in Indian pageantry due to Glamand can be a really good thing!

Picture Credits: Nikhil Anand Facebook profile, Miss Earth India Facebook page, Miss Diva Facebook page